Aussie psy labels and or distributors - are there any left?

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Don Mescalito
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Have been out of the scene for a couple of years and was wondering if there are any psytrance labels left in the country that are actively releasing, promoting and supporting local psy. I don't want huge lists, just the top two or three.

I get the impression the psy scene has contracted over the past few years? Or is everyone self-releasing and self- promoting?

This is my first post here, hi all!

Don Mescalito
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cool, I will check it out
Don Mescalito
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Where exactly do I go to listen to your tracks? Can you post a link please?

Always interested in hearing new stuff. What's with all the Christian imagery and stuff? A bit forked-tongue in cheek or what?

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Hi Mate,

Here's a tops one ;)
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yeah try UP records as well for morning style music, they are releasing pretty often,
mostly digital releases..also 3rd eye records;
rootworks records and loose cognition records release some night music;
zenon of course for prog styles, also solar records and another psyde records;
theyre off the top of my head
Don Mescalito
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Thanks for that ppls, much appreciated. I'm sure there will be a renaissance one day, psy is one of the most interesting and thought provoking forms of electronic music for me personally. I am working on a new album and was just wondering what I might do with it, but I am getting the feeling it might be best to self-release, but we'll see. Have been working on developing my 'sound' for over ten years and have just got to the point where I am happy to release stuff, but in the meantime, it seems the arse has dropped out of the scene.

Is that the case do you think or is it just having a quiet period before another renaissance?

WigMen Productions
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Its hardly a forum, make it a label !
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Regen Records have produced three comps so far plus Daheen's and Bumble's magical musical triumphs. We're working on the fourth compilation now.
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Sundance has done a great job with the new Talpa album. Avail now via Saikosounds and Psyshop, it's their 20th release as an Australian label I believe.

franny at for further infos.

high calibre
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Joined: Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:32 am this is the best based in byron bay!
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