Colonization Of Mars

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1998 was the year (666x3)


Otherwise known as the end of the Fifth Sun & the beginning of the Sixth Sun, this is when the Sun began to expand into a Red Giant. . .


We have 1 billion years left to evacuate the planet, maybe even less.


Mars will be a safe haven for humanity for many billions of years


Youtube video link down, try this AUSI Video Server . . . ... UDjNzeIrAo

Mars Needs You

The Mars Society Needs You

Join up with the Mars Society Australia

Mars has a crust approx 400 km deep & will make a ideal underground habitat, we will be detonating nuclear bombs under the surface of Mars to create artificial caves, then we create our habitats on Mars in these caves . . .

Remember Lucifer was a AUSI & he can save humanity from burning in hell so better still join up with AUSI, Australien Universal Space Industries. AUSI, AUSI, AUSI.

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