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Cyanascens, Xenomorph, Kindzadza


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in India!

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Equinox Music Fest., Brisbane (dark night set)
Eskimo @ C-Moogs, Byron Bay (opening DJ)


aGh0Ri TanTriK - Kabrastan (Full album) for more info

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aGh0Ri TanTriK - Black Magic (EvilKnivel Recs, Poland)
aGh0Ri TanTriK - RaakChaSS! (Zavyrian Productions, Japan)
..more in production!



B0m! B0m!

Aghori TanTriK is a solo music project of Sid. It is a highly conceptual & practical musical project. Sid tries to give an open minded psychedelic sound experience about the life of being an aghori tantrik.

Sid is also a professional DJ from the age of 16. Starting out playing techno, commercial hip-hop, drum n bass and hindi remixes. Discovered the sound of GOA in 2001 and ever since decided to express art in this new age psychedelic form of music. Believes in Giving the dancers and listeners a kaliedoscopic dancing environment with spiritual overtones for deep mental, psychological and spiritual healing.

In November 2005, Aghori TanTriK presents his debut album titled "Kabrastan" (Cemetry)

Studio Setup

Computer - P4, Cubase SX 2 & 3, Soundforge, Nord Lead 3 (few samples), Yahama MSP 5 monitors. Few tracks like "Yaga Baba" & "Freaks of Byron Bay" have been mixed and mastered in SAE Technology College Studios, Byron Bay, Australia.

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