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John Sylk & Russ Newton



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Oct 2005

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Morning, Progressive


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The Awakening

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Elixer 7
Fractal Forest



Alumaé “to become light”
Is an evolving collaboration between Russ Newton (Sensum) and John H-S (Sylk). As well as writing music, Alumaé are applying their combined talents to develop an extended performance. Fusing their own material performed live with other artist’s work DJ-ed into the mix.

The aim is to maintain the originality of live performance whilst adding the DJ’s flexibility of response to the Dancers.

Sensum: Has been producing since 2002 His debut album “Nocturnal Transmissions” was released on ZMA in 2005 he has also released tracks on; Nervine records, Solarsiv records, Froggle records & Yellow Sunshine Explosion… After returning to Sydney in 2003, he quickly became known for tightly produced progressive sounds with a darker edge.

Sylk: began DJing in 1998 and founded Trancendance Productions in 1999. One of the first DJ’s in Sydney to pick up the progressive sound, Sylk’s style tends towards up-tempo morning sounds. Sylk weaves the tunes into a coherent and uplifting journey through empathy and interaction with the Dancers.

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