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Central Coast

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NYE 2003

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Musical Influences


Progressive :)

Favourite Labels

Iboga, Blue Tunes, Spin Twist, Iono Music, Synergetic, Echoes, Flow, Planet Ben, Plusquam, Open, Aphonix

Favourite Artists

Motion Drive, Ecliptic, Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, La Baaz, Buttersonic, TimeDrained, Feverhake, Earsugar, Gaudium, Odiseo, Perfect Stranger,BBE, Zyce, etc etc


Previous Events

,Rythmic Earth '09,Yo Psyence Psyence, Track 2,Earthdance Afterparty '08, Yggdrasil ,Track 8, Regrowth '07, Sarasvati, Recomended Solutions 5,Symbiance, NYE '06, The Awakening '06, Fractal forest, Erisian fields, The Awakening 05, Cosmic Couriers, Psychedelic Dreams (NC), MV Lounge (NC), Covert Ops, Progress, SevenFourSeven, PsyRealms, Trancemission + more

Highlight of Career

Psychedelic Dreams, New Caledonia



Since discovering psytrance parties at the age of 16, they have been Amber's passion. A fixture on Sydney dance floors for many years, she has a love for progressive which shines through in her sets.

Amber has been mixing for 9 years, and for the last 6 has been gracing the decks of Sydney clubs, outdoor parties and festivals.

Her respect for the journey of the party allows her to fit into the flow of any lineup. Amber's sets have been described as smooth, deep, and unique.

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