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Alex Gmora



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nano records

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Musical Influences



Current Top 10

1: Silver Surfers: JO3 (nano unrel)
2: Psysex: Dirty 80's (wrecked machines rmx)
3: Indika: A different perspective (AP recs)
4: The commercial hippies: One step (nano)
5: Oforia: Beams of light (YOYO)
6: Orion: Electric pulse (harmonia)
7: Protoculture: Oceanic (nano)
8: PSYPSIQ JICURI: La dosis (AP recs.)
9 : The commercial hippies: NN (nano unrel)
10: Chemical Brothers: Hey Boy Hey Girl (silver surfers rmx) (nano unrel)

Favourite DJs

Tristan, ANS, Dimitri Nakov

Favourite Labels

Nano, Twisted, Iboga, Digital Structures, Domo, Hommega

Favourite Artists

Protoculture, Astrix, Noga, Cosmic Tone, Visual Paradox, Commercial Hippies, Space Cat, oforia, Ticon, Frogacult, Lish.


Upcoming Events

Protoculture & fatali @ Mexico city
Ultravoice @ tlaxcala, Mexico
Dali Club colmillo, Mexico city

Previous Events

earthcore 2004
rainbow serpent festival 2005
nye doofexperience
AUS vs MEX round 1, 3
Infected mushroom @ metro
Emergence NNSW
Hydra X dream
Freebase 4th anniversary

Radio Appearances

RRR station Melbourne.

Highlight of Career

Rainbow serpent festival, Son Pax cancun with Astrix & Xerox


Andrreas & Eclypso: Sawasdee earthdance 2003 Mexico knk recs.



Andrreas was introduced to the psy trance scene in early '96, at a party featuring Astral Projection and Nick Doof. Straight away he began DJing at small indoor and outdoor parties. He teamed up with Kinetik and together started organizing the biggest events in Mexico such as the Neurobiotic label party, and Earthdance. Over time he became one of Mexico's favourite DJs, playing every weekend in different cities all over the country alongside such acts as; Astrix, Noma, Xerox, Fuerhake, Deedarh, Synthetic, Sun Project, Sub 6, Sam@Chaishop, Altom, DJ Edoardo, Beat Bizarre, Analog Pussy, D Tek, Oforia, Visual Paradox, Space Cat, Total Eclipse and more. Andrreas has also played at the New Years Eve Moondance festival in Kho Payam, Thailand.

In 2003 Andrreas became an official label DJ of the South African based Nano Records, home of international acts; Protoculture, Commercial Hippies, Silver Surfers, The Electric Ant, Hydrophonic and more. Also in 2003, he releases his first track "Sawasdee" with DJ Eclypso on the Earthdance Mexico 2003 compilation, released by KNK records.

In 2004 Andrreas traveled to Melbourne, Australia, together with loco (1/2 of Mindelight) to study Sound Production and explore new territories. He met the Modulated Monkey crew not long after he arrived and together helped forge several successful events including the Aus vs. Mex series, which hosted acts such as Ozzy, Fractal Glider, Fridler on the Roof, Leghohead, Psychoactive, Midelight and more including sets by DJ Andrreas. Andrreas has also played at other various events such as Rainbow Serpant Festival 2005, the Earthcore Carnival '04 and Earthcore's Honto and Bliss series of events and has also flown to Sydney to play alongside Dimitri and to play outdoors on NYE 04/05.

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