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Mark Lightfoot




Canberra, Australia

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September 2008

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Space Tribe


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Exodus Festival
Fractal Forrest

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Dragon Dreaming
Liquid Sun
Isotopia Festival
The Gathering

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ZZZ in Canberra

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Performing at Dragon Dreaming



"Another really impressive act for me too was Aneurysm. We headed down to that stage after our set and was totally blown away. I don't listen to a lot of psy under general conditions, but far out was really really impressed, and probably as much with your stage presence as the music. Really confident, really looked like you knew your stuff inside and out, and as a result had the crowd hanging on every move. I didn't even realise it was you, I had just asked some random, oh who's this guy and they were like oh it's Aneurysm. Stoked."

Aneurysm is Mark Lightfoot, A 27 year old originally from Brisbane who now resides in Canberra.

With a heap of production now under his belt, as well as experience rocking parties in many states and territories of Australia, Aneurysm is one of Canberra's most promising psychedelic talents.

He has supported some outstanding acts in NT, ACT and NSW including:Space Tribe, Siaqua, Raz, Black Samurai, Spoonbill, S.E.T.H., Satori , Quench and Spliffun .

Marks fascination with music began when he was only 3 years old when he was first introduced to the piano. This fascination with music continued throughout his childhood where he begged for more instruments to learn. Violin, trombone and guitar were all learnt, but this wasn't enough. He went on to learn the organ and the harpsichord and was still having piano lessons up until the age of 24.

This fascination with music spilled over to the electronic world with the purchase of a Technics PR53 digital piano. Mark was able to record himself playing in MIDI format and take this recording and open it in Cakewalk - music production software. It was soon after this that he discovered dance music after attending a night at the infamous Red Gecko Cafe.

In 2005 he was introduced to a new style of dance music he had never heard before - Hardcore. It wasn't long before Mark had bought turntables of his own and with his lifetime of musical practice, it didn't take him long until he was playing at those very parties. The name Aneurysm was chosen from the Nirvana track by the same name.

Before too long Mark had discovered Drum and Bass and soon was playing at True Jungle Souljah parties. It was around this time that he really started focussing on music production. After purchasing Propellerhead's Reason 3 Mark quickly produced and released Whipper Snipper (available from TrackItDown - click here to buy). Mark continued to play a combination of hard house and techno at hard dance parties until 2008 when the final transition to psytrance was realised.

In January 2006 Aneurysm was first introduced to Psytrance thanks to Shangrila, an artist with over 10 years experience. Mark had been writing event reviews at this stage and was quoted as saying "This event certainly opened my eyes to a genre I had not explored before and I am very glad it did".
It wasn't until later that year when Mark first attended Earthcore that psytrance really got under his skin. With this inspiration Mark soon began to investigate psytrance further. It wasn't long before Mark had solidified his presence in the scene and was soon playing regularly in Canberra psytrance events as well as nationally.

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