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Back to Mars

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Marcia Larroid Ghisi


Amsterdam, Netherlands

DJ since:


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Centipede Productions


Dutch Flowers Recs / Cytopia Recs

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Musical Influences


Progressive and twisted Full-on Psytrance, Electro and Deep House

Current Top 10

1- Blackout "Wave Force"
2- Liquid Soul "Born in a New World"
3- Dark Nebula and Ozzy "The Hiss"
4- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly "Quick Bounce"
5- Cyanescens vs Dark Nebula "The Delivery"
6- Vaishiyas "Calculate"
7- Antix "Blew"
8- Meltdown "Enigma"
9- Product Placement "Time Mechanics"
10- Jey & Ex "Music in Excess"
Bonus track- Alfredo Garcia "Freakquency Switcher"

Favourite DJs

Lox, Fiuzz, Stella Nutella, Marco Scherer, MNO, Kareem Raihani

Favourite Labels

Iboga Records, Sog Records, Tribal Vision, Temple Twister Records, Timecode Records, Deja Vu Records, Ajuca Records, Cytopia Records, Cosmic Conspiracy Records, Shivlink Records, Spintwist Records, Vibrating Balance Records, Zenon Records.

Favourite Artists

Freq, Green Nuns, Cydonia, Neelix, Jey&Ex, Vaishiyas, Sensum, Zen Mechanics, Cyanescens, Onnomon, D-Nox, Behind Blue Eyes, Antix, Earsugar, Liquid Soul, Setharian, Dark Nebula, Wizard Lizard, Audialize, Dejan, Phyx, Rinkadink, Hydroglyph, Damage, Scorb, Chromosome, Penta, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Broken Toy, Kinkdzadza, Ace Ventura, Son Kite, The Prodigy.


Upcoming Events

30 Nov 2007 Korsakoff Amsterdam, Holland
1 Dec 2007 Trance Mafia Ijmuiden, Holland
28 Dec 2007 Magic Forest, Porto Belo, Brasil
31 Dec 2007 Universo Paralello, Pratigi, Brasil
23 Feb 2008 Metatron, Holland

Previous Events

Existence New Year's Festival Spain 2006-7
Ground Zero Festival Holland 2007
OV-Silence Festival Germany 2007
Q-Dance's Q-Base Festival Germany 2007
Looney Tunes Italy 2007
GanjaTree Belgium 2007
Roots Festival Holland 2007
Full Moon Festival-after Germany 2007
Planet Waldfrieden Germany 2006
Das Mantron's Visions of Nexus Germany 2005-2006
Immrama Austria 2006
Centipede at Amsterdam Dance Event 2006
Namaste in Club Paradiso Amsterdam 2006
Interzone P.A Germany 2005
Tranceport Hungary 2005
Dancing Shiva Austria 2004
Bom Voyage's Queensday party Amsterdam 2003-2005
Earthdance Amsterdam 2003-2004-2007

Highlight of Career

Existence Festival Spain 2006-7



With a background in classical and contemporary dance, Back to Mars was born in Brazil and lives in Amsterdam. Her DJ career started in 2001 and her music style is a blend of warm Progressive and twisted Psychedelic Full-on Trance, also travelling into Electro and Deep House. With uplifting and surprising mixes, Back to Mars takes the public into the experience of feeling the power of music through her sets.

Back to Mars now represents Dutch Flowers Records from Brazil, as well as Cytopia Records, the Dutch Internet label and distributor. She is also a resident of Prog as a Frog, the party created by Centipede, an organization that produces inspiring artistic parties in Amsterdam, where she lives since 1998.

Back to Mars has already played in Brazil, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Austria and Sweeden.

She also organises the weekly DJ line-up for Siberie in Amsterdam and has recently joined the crew that organises Tranceformers, the weekly event at club Korsakoff in Amsterdam, organising this night once a month.

In her free time, Back to Mars is learning music production with Cubase. Her tracks "Sambame New" e "Possibilities" are already available to listen online at

Online demos:

Full-on Psytrance mix 152 bpm download:

Deep Electro mix 124 bpm download:

Progressive mix 135 bpm download:

Progressive Psytrance mix 139 bpm:

Full-on Psytrance mix 143 bpm:


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