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Beka Stewart


Gold Coast/Byron Bay

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Turbo Trance Records

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Musical Influences


Full On/Neo Full On

Current Top 10

Triptych – Stop the Press (Turbo Trance)
Polaris - Unity (Turbo Trance unr)
The Unstables-The Clone (Maia Records)
Altom-Spray (Shanti Rmx) (Neurobiotic)
Intelabeam - Movin Up (Unr)
Point – Journey Through Sound (Phantasm Unr)
Wrecked Machines – Music In You (Spun)
Intelabeam – Power Puff (Turbo Trance Unr)
XnoiZe- Breaking the Toys (Hommega)
Mekkanikka- Booyakasha (Turbo Trance Unr)

Favourite DJs

Edoardo, Dimitri, Dino, Pixel, Mack, Shane Gobi, Serge (antidote), Antaro, Tristan

Favourite Labels

Neurobiotic, Maia, Phantasm, Nano, Solstice, Spun, Hommega, Spliff Music, Alchemy

Favourite Artists

Wrecked Machines, Pixel, Intelabeam, Point, X Noize, Joti, Logic Bomb, Triptych, Sirius Isness, Polaris, Enterprise, Pop Stream, Silver Surfers, Protoculture, Orion, Dick Trevor, Quadra, Antidote, Deedrah, Silicon Sound, Void, Shift, Sub 6, Mekkanikka, Panick


Previous Events

Secret Squirrels (London), ID Spiral Mellout (London), Viking Crew (London), Solipse 99 (Hungary), Koh Phangan New Year 2001/2002, Seizmic Chunk 2002 (Australia), Spiritual Warning 2002 (Australia), Tribeadelic New Years 2002/2003 (Australia), Exodus 2003 (Australia), Goa (Feb 2003), Good Mood after-party (Portugal 2003), Alkaloid Productions 2004 (Brisbane, Australia), Weird Music Society (Sydney, Australia), Earthcore presents X-Dream 2004 (Gold Coast, Australia), OMNI Festival 2004 (Spain), Science of Sound (Sydney, Australia), Cycle Logical 2 (Sydney), Earthcore presents Infected Mushroom (Gold Coast)

Highlight of Career

magic in goa



: Rest in peace - You are loved by us all! :

Beka’s interest in the psychedelic trance scene developed in early ’97 near Byron Bay in Australia. At the end of that year she moved from Australia to London and began collecting vinyl, something that was much more difficult to do in Australia at the time. She played at underground psytrance parties put on by Secret Squirrels, Viking Crew, and ID Spiral/Liquid Connective. Also interested in music production, Beka spent a lot of time in the studio with her partner at the time, Erik (Zencats-Transient). After their child (Jasper) was born Beka spent some months in Australia and some months in England, always getting involved in outdoor parties when she had the time. At the end of 2001 she left England for Australia once again and was involved in the first major trance festival in Koh Phangan for New Years 2001/2002, where she was given the opportunity to organise the chill out area DJs. The next 12 months were spent in Australia getting to know the scene there once again and playing at many outdoor parties, and festivals.

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