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Bent Intent

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Pete Blay




Cairns, AUS

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Hunab Ku [MELB] > Biosine Recs [NNSW]

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Current Top 10

Dont do tops...

All Time Top 10

Nah couldnt do it.

Favourite DJs

Solatek, Ian, Suspekt, Paul Abad

Favourite Labels

Zenon, Open, Biosine, Interchill, Ultimae, Chill Tribe

Favourite Artists

Zenon crew, Seb Taylor, Puff Dragon, Tipper, Peter Kruder, Boards of Canada, Telefon tel Aviv


Upcoming Events

Earthfreq [SE QLD], SONE Festival [NNSW]

Previous Events

Rainbow Serpent Festival '07/'08, Solar FX Gathering '07/'08, Earthdance, Bushweek, Labyrinth, Shindig, Audiogasm, Winter Solstice Cairns, Land Crabs, Freakquency

Highlight of Career

Earthdance 07


VA - 'Polynated' - Hunab Ku Creations
VA - 'Primordial'- Biosine Records

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Bent Intent is Pete Blay from Cairns, AUS. Pete's involvement in the electronic scene began in 1997, djing and promoting events along the eastcoast of AUS, mainly in the Byron/Lismore area...

In the last year his focus has turned to production, beginning his new chill/downtempo project - 'Bent Intent'. Quickly gaining a reputation for his open soundscapes and laidback grooves, Pete has been perfoming live at events such as Rainbow Serpent Festival, Winter Solstice (Cairns), 'Bushweek' (Daintree), 'Solar FX Gathering' and Freakreation (NNSW), with upcoming performances at RSF '08 (VIC), Earthfreq (S.E.Queensland) and SONE Music and Positive Lifestyle Festival (NNSW). He will also be supporting Infected Mushroom in Cairns as part of their Australian tour in March.

Recently Pete released his debut single 'Dubbenrub' on VA - 'Polynated' - Hunab Ku Creations (Melbourne) a compilation featuring Australian live acts from the annual Rainbow Serpent Festival, and new track 'All In' is to be released soon on VA - 'Primordial' Biosine Records (NNSW). Also keep an eye out for upcoming downbeat digital EP with Open Records (Cairns).

Combining involving soundscapes with sneaky rhythms, accoustic elements and evolving synthesis - Bent Intent follows the 'less is more approach', revelling in the spaces in between...

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