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Shayne Dryden





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R.E.G.E.N. Inc


REGEN Records / Solar Records

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Funky chunky

Current Top 10

Too hard to have a top 10, maybe a top 100 instead

Favourite Artists

Posford, System Nipple, Neelix, Yudisthera, Electrypnose, Atomic Pulse, Winter Demon, Rinkadink, Promethius, Painkiller, Bathomet Engine, Scorb, Xenomorth, Broken Toy, Parasense, Daheen, Psyboriginal, Akin, Parahalu, Bamboo Forest, Mahamudra, Tegma, Gaudian, Freq, Vibrasphere, Antix, Cosmosis, Fela Kuti, Miles Davis, my mum.


Previous Events

Psyfari 10
Dragon Dreaming 08 and 09
Earthdance 09
ReGrowth 05, 06, 07, 08, 10
Fractal Forest 1 & 2 & 3
NYE Doof Experience 04, 05, 06
The Awakening
A day out of Time
Wired for Sound
Winter Demon at CQ's
Peats Ridge Festival ( Chill and Dub Shack )
Most after parties
My place

Highlight of Career

Segueing from Terrafractyl to Sun Control Species, Main Stage, Dragon Dreaming 09



Rumour has it that Shayne was born with a mix tape in his hand. From this humble beginning came a desire to find and play the best and most diverse music he could find. After 10 years playing in the wilds of clubland, he found Psychedelic Trance and his love affair with doof began. Since then he has played to packed dancefloors and entertained many with his eclectic, funky and very danceable collection. A founding member of REGEN, he has played alongside some of the masters, including zen mechanics, opiou, terrafractyl, sun control species, rinkadink, Mr Peculiar and many more. Every set is different to the last, tailored to the audience using the best of the best available. If you like to dance, bio[diversity] delivers.

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