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Paul and Troy



Producer since:

-= ccL =- : half a year


DOOF Records

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Musical Influences


funky trippy acid groove

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Favourite DJs

Zirkin, Satyr, Jahbo

Favourite Labels

Doof records, Parvati records

Favourite Artists

Grapes of Wrath, Kindzaza, Jahbo


Previous Events

israel, portugal, slovakia, france, germany (as dj's though)

Highlight of Career

boom 2004

Upcoming Releases

uNLEASH tHE bEAST and ccL on Doof records soon in a recordshop nearby...:) plus an album after summer



-= ccL=- is the collaboration between two Amsterdam based producers, Troy Leidich (Rev) and Paul Elfferich (Zebra-N). It all started midwinter 2004 after a couple of beers on a newyear party and the need for something different. They have been in the Amsterdam based studio almost nonstop to work on their debut album, which will be out on DOOF records after summer of 2005. Both of them have a lot of experience as DJ's internationally and they also like sushi.(Mmmm..)

As for the music, who ever thought that two such nice guys could make so harsh pumping acid groove, they will surely rock the dancefloor and give a lot of energy to dance on during the night. For a small taste also check their first release coming on DOOF Records June 2005.

Studio Setup

a laptop, 2 monitorspeakers and a crate of beer

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