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Pete Morrison



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Ozpartypeople presents...


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Musical Influences


Acid Psy

Current Top 10

Hard Stuff:

Baphomet Engine- The Sexorcist
Cosmo Vs Naked Tourist- Let's Go Mad

Cheezy Stuff:

Paranormal Attack- Tell Me Why
Broken Toy- Anything at all...that boy is gold!
Logic Bomb- Sonic Algebra

All Time Top 10

I wrote it
and am still writing it

Favourite DJs

Soundwave for up-n-coming on the North Coast....DJ Psyte for generally being a freak and handling it...FIshbowl Memory cuz Kenny iz awesome and chuck Franny in there for making some killer tunezz and chucking em on...

Favourite Labels

Alien Gossip Records most definitely...those boys are unreal. UP Records

Favourite Artists

Jota...Brody....Goa Gil...Alex UP..Yobi...Traveller

anyone who has managed to trigger the proper psychedelic trance state in the crowd and watched them melt down


Upcoming Events

Weird Psyence- Return of the Psientist

May 9th 2008

Previous Events

Missing Link 07
Interstellar Transit System 07
The Big Crunch 07
Channel Parties 80085 and 3.14
Space Jungle 08
Weird Psyence 08

Highlight of Career

Watching the whole crowd dancing to my fresh tunes....creating music up until the last minute before set and then dropping it on em!

Upcoming Releases

Massive download dump onto upcoming.....6 hours of free acid tekno and acid psy...keep posted



CNOT is a co-operative project involving a loose affiliation of lost electronic souls. These ectoplasmic constructs drift around until at random intervals of time they coalesce to form pure music.....

This is an experiment to find true trance, leading to ever more effective methods of triggering autohypnotic mind states. We draw sound and influence from all points of the universe and human conciousness and combine them to create perfect crystal sequences.

Witness the birth of acid psytrance as shown through the music of CNOT...experimental and experiential music...a weapon for psychedelic warfare in a world plagued by insanity.

Loosely based in Sydney, Australia, CNOT is the creation of Pete Morrison (Spotty) and Matt Wolnizer.

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