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Colin OOOD

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Colin Bennun




Bristol, UK

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Organic Records, Liquid Connective, Triskele

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Musical Influences


Psytrance, progressive, chill



OOOD 12"

Silence / Cosmic Ripple Phantasm 12"/Comp. PTM 14
Kundalini / Cobra Psychic Deli 12"/Comp. PSI 005
1997 2 Dawns Over Baleswar / Herbs and Spices Cabbaged 12" CABB 01
Rifa / Karmic Suture Cabbaged 12" CABB 03
Bald Marshron / Hairy Venushon Cabbaged
12"/Comp. CABB 05

1997 aLIVE Cabbaged CD LP CABB-CD 01
2000 Breathing Space OOOD CD LP OOOD 002-CD

1996 Cthullu Psychic Deli Compilation PCD 4
1997 Empatheta Cabbaged Compilation CABB-CD 02
Otherworld Transient Compilation TRANR610 CD
1998 Mind The Undwinding Millenium Compilation MILL 066-CD
2002 I'm Funk Definer/Logos Transcend Compilation TRC001CD
2003 Kundalini Rising
Transient Compilation TRANR645 CD

1994 Faction : Mendax Phantasm Compilation PTM 129
1996 Pharmarama : Mr.Sedgewick/Phunky Phantom Wider 12" WIDE 002

Unconscious Collective : Fluorostan EP
Flying Rhino 12"/Comp. AFR 009
Rotatum : Phaze Din EP Matsuri 12"/Comp. MP 23
1997 Faction : Deadlock Aquatec Compilation ATEC-CD 001

Electric Tease : Light The Fuse
OTO Genome Compilation OTCA-5001/02
Electric Tease : Perfect State Kamaflage 12" BFLT73
Dallas State : Lone Star Automatic Compilation TRANR631CD
2002 Dallas Kiss : Revelation Automatic 12" AUTO 32
2003 Voice of Cod : We Are Free Organic Compilation ORGCD006
Indidginus : Myriad Surreal Audio Compilation SURR006CD
2004 Unconscious Collective : You See - IN PROGRESS Label TBC CD LP Cat# TBC
Voice Of Cod : The Art Of Funk Shui Transient Compilation TRANR648CD
Voice Of Cod : Just A Ride Organic Compilation ORGCD007
Voice Of Cod : We Are Free- IN PROGRESS Organic CD LP Cat # TBC
Voice Of Cod : Heart Of Gold Liquid Compilation Cat # TBC
Unconscious Collective : Smoke a Lot Liquid Compilation Cat # TBC

1996 Bubbleman : Sunshine Supergirl Independent CD Single (none)
1997 OOOD : Rifa Secret Compilation SECT-CD 002
2003 Epic Automata : Superstring Organic Compilation ORGCD006

Upcoming Releases

Artist albums from OOOD and Voice of Cod on Organic Records, plus compilation tracks on the albums from Organic Records and Liquid Records.



OOOD have been releasing their unique brand of psytrance since 1994, with their side-project Unconscious Collective releasing Flying Rhino's biggest-selling 12", 'Fluorostani Transcendance' in 1996. Both acts are now combined into OOOD - an awesome, dancefloor-filling trance monster with Unconscious Collective remaining as a focus for the more eclectic, often chilled-out but always inventive non-dancefloor output of the
group. With up to 6 people on stage and live musicianship of all kinds very much in evidence in both OOOD and Unconscious Collective, they have performed all over the world from New York to Japan via South Africa, Israel, Switzerland and of course the UK - Unconscious Collective are heading the bill on the Liquid stage at Glade Festival in 2005.

As a DJ, Colin generally only plays his own material, and with 11 years-worth of tracks in many styles with many collaborators - including around 20 written in the past two years alone - he has the back-catalogue to play at any time of day or night. Notoriously label-shy, most of this cutting-edge music is unreleased and can only be heard in his DJ or live sets. Colin is currently completing work on an album with his acclaimed Voice of Cod project, which is due for release on Organic Records in 2005. OOOD are also due to release their third album on Organic later in the year.

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