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Mick Aurora





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Anomaly Media



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Musical Influences


Driving Full-On to Progressive psy & Chill

Current Top 10

1) Azax Syndrome - Unclouded Eyes
2) Entropy - Dish
3) RAM - Midnight Snacks
4) Seroxat - Witching Hour
5) Dj cosMICK vs Hunix - Cosmic Anomaly
6) Shift - Absolution (rmx)
7) Winter Demon - Suffection
8) Seroxat - Tahoo Vavohoo
9) Phi - King & Slave
10) Miraculix - Sophisticated Electronics

All Time Top 10

1) Etnica - Screaming Butterfly
2) Space Tribe - Telepathic contact
3) Electronic Dream Planet - Syndrome
4) Zabra - A trip back
5) Alternate Vision - Keberos
6) Shift - Freakem
7) N3xu5 - Ghost in the shell
8) Scorb - Klangman
9) Fungus Funk -Will Happen Again
10) Shift - Absolution (rmx)

Favourite DJs

Shift Oli Wisdom Spiral Tribe

Favourite Labels

Timecode, Ketuh, Doof, Ambivalent.....

Favourite Artists

Free Tekno Sound Systems of Europe
Jean Michelle Jarre


Upcoming Events

Elixir 6

Previous Events

Countless Psy/Tekno Parties 97-02 Europe
Elixir 4 & 5
Luminoforum 1/2&3 photos:
Asa-Nations New Years party, video here:
Laser shows several at New E & T

Radio Appearances

Elixir 4 promo at 2SCR

Highlight of Career

Joining the Czech Psy scene and laser performances for Ed Rush/Underworld & Cypress Hill


2003 Extraterrestrial Exiastance DVD, Track & Visuals compiled by dj cosMICK

Upcoming Releases

Promo track for elixir 6: Cosmick Anomaly - cosMICK vs Hunix



Dj cosMICK a.k.a Mick Aurora

Occupation: A/V Engineer

Styles: Driving Full-On Psytrance & Progresive to Chill

Born 25/03/76 in Czechoslovakia, his family immigrated to Australia in 1980.
In the early 1990's he began to experiment with Hip Hop and Lasers. During
his first visit to the Czech Republic in 1995 he attended a "Spiral Tribe"
teknival which initially influenced his style. Upon return to Sydney later
that year he hooked up with Dj Speaka Freaka and helped put on the Jungle Punks
parties in the Blue Mountains with some of his firstlaser system designs,
There he was expossed to Goa style parties after meeting the "Liquid Labrynth"
crew. In mid 1997 he began to take the music seriously and with a new arsenal of sounds he
wen't back to Europe. There he expanded his style uniquely together with visual performaces using lights and lasers during his sets, for over 5 years he performed and promoted psytrance parties as "Aurora Sound System" and played at some of the biggest underground Teknivals in Europe, then in 2000 he joined forces with the amazing Prague psy collective the "Hedonix" which are responsible for some of the most amazing productions in the Czech Republic, even though he is back in Sydney since 2003, cosMICK visits his birth land regularly as a resident Dj. Thousands of killometers and a decade later cosMICK delivers a floor stomping soul driving psytrance and rare laser performance. e.g. "Elixir".

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