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A 'wlf production!


Nabi Records, DARK Records, Divine Music Tribe, A 'wlf production, PsyKe Out, Neosapiens

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Musical Influences


Twisted and Innovative Psychedelic Music!

Favourite DJs

Any DJ who can find a sound and own it, and constantly develops and evolves their sound over time, playing fresh and interesting music.

Favourite Labels

Nabi Records, DARK Records, Phreex Networks, Dropout Productions, Parvati Records


Upcoming Events

Around the world but including Tribeadelic NYE 08/09 (Dec/Jan 08) back in Oz!

Previous Events

Organizer/Promoter for:
Indoor Events
- Psykedelic Therapy 2 (Fundraiser for Australian charity CareFlight) (2005)
- Psykedelic Therapy (Fundraiser for Australian charity Reach Out!) (2005)

Outdoor Events
- Ditch Fest (2007)
- Perpetual Apparitions (Fundraiser for Australian youth project SquareOne) (2006)
- Hyperborea (as part of the Neosapiens crew) (2004)
- Tribal Shift (2003)
- Astrophysia (2002)
- Metaphysia (2001)

Played at events including:
International Events:
Indoor Parties/Outdoor Festivals in England, Wales, Italy, France, Czech Republic, and New Caledonia.

Australian Events:
- Shiva Moon (Melbourne)
- Freakquency / Visual Paradox (Cairns)
- Loony Tunez & Polysonic New Years 06 - 07 (Byron Bay)
- sMs Easter Psychedelic Adventure
- Doofcorp 07 & 08
- Re-Growth 06 & 07
- Fractal Forest 2 & 3
- A Very Merry Psyence
- Ditch Fest
- Spiral Dream Space
- Release the Secret
- Perpetual Apparitions
- Subsonic After Party
- Abyss
- Candyflip 2
- Recommended Solutions 4
- Psykotic Distortion
- PsybAssylum
- Club Plastic - PulseRadio Room
- Back2Back4Nature
- Far From Normal
- Cyberdelia
- Beyond Imagination
- Candyflip
- Elixir 6
- V23
- PulseRadio: 'All Stars'
- APAP parties (14th/25th May 2005) (New Caledonia)

Radio Appearances

PsyKe Out - The On-line PsyTrance Radio Show ( on every Tuesday night!

Also have been featured on the PsyTrance Internet Radio station Triplag (



Run the Psychedelic Trance (PsyTrance) radio show PsyKe Out on (broadcasting around the globe from Sydney, Australia) since 2001 which has hosted a whole variety of guest DJs and Artists.

The official Australian label DJ for the cutting edge Dark Psychedelic Night music label from France, Nabi Records and also the Aussie label DJ for DARK Records from India/Canada.

Putting on outdoor/indoor parties since 2001. Organizer/Promoter for Metaphysia, Astrophysia, Tribal Shift, Psykedelic Therapy (Reach Out! Fundraiser), and Psykedelic Therapy 2 (CareFlight Fundraiser), Perpetual Apparitions (SquareOne Fundraiser), Ditch Fest. Co-organizer/Co-promoter for the Neosapiens party Hyperborea.

Co-run the Oz-Trance Mailing List, one of the oldest Psychedelic Trance resources in Australia.

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