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David J. Kennedy





DJ since:

March 2006

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Musical Influences


Night/Dark-Psy (and some experimental)

Current Top 10

Ghreg On Earth - aNgeLid
Datakult - Antisystem
Dark Nebula - Unwanted Emotion
Shift - Dubmention (Breakbeat rmx)
Baphomet Engine - System Failed
Artifakt - Doom Doom Doom
Total - Birth Work Death
Mubali - Mechanaphobia
Osom - Night Flirt
Audialize - Glideline

All Time Top 10

Scatterbrain - Space Invaders
Osom - Compos Mentis
Artifakt - 6
Space Tribe - Thru the Looking Glass
Shift - Stretch
Psykovsky - Beloochi rmx
Megalopsy - After Abstract
Dark Nebula - Cyber Cult
Zik - Completly Moronz

Favourite DJs

Favorit: Goa Gil Inspired By: DJ Sirius

Favourite Labels

Digital Psionics, Timecode, Alkaloid, Mistress of Evil, Insomnia, Vertigo, Tantrumm,

Favourite Artists

Space Tribe, Zik a.k.a. Horror Place, Deviant Species, Mubali, Shift, Artifakt, Dark Nebula, Scatterbrain, Cosmo, Osom Project, Ghreg On Earth


Previous Events

A few house parties, and open tables

Highlight of Career

Bounce 2



Here's my story. I'm from Pittsburgh, PA and there's is absolutely no psy-trance scene here. I knew I liked psy-trance more than any other type of dance music, but had no clue where to find it. October, 2005 I was at a rave in Philadelphia and during Chris Liberator's set, I feel as if I metamorphosized and became a cyborg (or maybe psyborg). I went around the party explaining to everyone how I was no longer human but now a cyborg, and of course they all though I was insane. The party had ended and while everyone was finding their friends and leaving I met Maja a.k.a. DJ Mistress Jade. I was wearing an Alex Grey T-shirt, she saw it and said "Alex Grey, I've spun at COSM" (COSM is Alex Grey's museum). I asked what she spun... she responded "psy-trance". So she tells me that I have to come out to New York for psy-trance parties. So about a month later I make it out to NYC for a psy-trance party, and am priveliged enough to get Space Tribe as the headliner at my first party. I doubt much further explaining is needed but after that party I didn't really listen to anything but psy-trance. I had already been plan to start spinning psy-trance, and about 4 mths after seeing Space Tribe I got my decks and mixer and got started. The next step is to get a good MIDI controller and Apple Logic and start producing dark-psy.

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