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muz and tim





Producer since:

July 29 2006

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Psy Central and White Elephant


Psy Central

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Musical Influences


All styles of Psy

Current Top 10

Top 5 tunes at present...

Protonica - Planet Gaia
Psysquatch - Close your Eyes
Tinrib - Coke (Delicious V Psysquatch psyRMX)
Orion - Surreal Expansion
Delicious - Connex

All Time Top 10

That's too hard!

Favourite DJs

Local chch boys Psysquatch, COSM and Tonic. Phat Productions crew Akld, Maia, Digicult, DJ Nemesis, Braincell... too many more to list.

Favourite Labels

Dacru, Spliff, Wildthings...

Favourite Artists

as above.


Upcoming Events

Nitrate 3rd B'day, The Civic, Chch, Aug 25 07
Twisted Vision, WEHQ, ChCh Sep 15 07
Dunedin, V Psysquatch Sep 22 07 (TBC)
Jon Doe/CLSM, The Civic, Oct 13 07 (V Focus aka Psysquatch Psycore set)
Voyage, Oct 27, Live Psybient set (location tbc)
Kev Nrg & Sharkey, Nov 15 07, Psy Central Zone

Previous Events

Previous events that were awesome...

Dimension, Space Bar, Auckland, Aug 11 07
No Frills, Foam, ChCh, Aug 3 07
Winter Solstice, Godley Heads, Jun 23 07
Evolution, The Civic, ChCh, May 20 07
Uprising 07, Canaan Downs, takaka, Jan 01 07
Summer Solstice, Okuku River, Dec 16 06

Radio Appearances

Psy central show on White Elephant radio

Highlight of Career

Playing at Massive's Summer Solstice, Okuku River, Sunrise set... absolutely beautiful!!!


No official releases yet... stay tuned for releases in summer 07/08.

Upcoming Releases

Summer 07/08



muz and tim, 2 goons from christchurch, New Zealand. In a little over one year they have played up and down the country and have their sights firmly fixed on a solid summer 07/08 with performances at some of New Zealands premier outdoor events.

Muz comes from a punk band background... having played in bands since '93. Tim comes from a classical background... having played in various orchestras over the years.

Basically, delicious has been formed from a love of Psy music... whether it be trance, ambient, dub or full on 4 to the floor hardcore.

Studio Setup

mac's, ableton 6, fruity 7, reason 3, logic 7, numerous VSTs and controllers....

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