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danny holness



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Deluder Records

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Trance, Psytrance, progressive, house, breaks, chill

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Lish, Plump DJs, Protoculture

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Finger Lickin'


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Release Date – 1st August 2005 – Deluder Records

According to deluder ‘Omniality’ is ‘the state of combining all things’ and his stunning debut is just that: illustrating genres and scenes don’t have to be as closely segregated as they often seem. He’s a producer who’d love to avoid being pigeonholed, but does he really think it’s possible?

“People feel the need to categorize music” admits deluder “which I can understand, but sometimes it isn’t the most constructive thing you can do for a artist, label, club or scene. I aim to get people saying ‘yeah, but deluder makes house, progressive, breaks and chill too, not just trance!’, which is true, but realistically most people will probably think of ‘Omniality’ as a trance album - because it’s so damn melodic. I guess that’s the one common theme throughout.”

‘Omniality’ goes through plenty of styles and influences, kicking off at 132bpm, peaking at 140bpm and dropping down to 100bpm at completion - taking the listener though a wide spectrum of grooves, beats, moods and emotions. You start to wonder where the influences come from?

“‘Omniality’ wasn’t written as a concept album or anything like that, it’s just the way I think. The way I feel music. When people say ‘I love breaks’ or ‘I love trance’ I say ‘I love electronic music’. I’ve gone to so many different events – raves / clubs / festivals / house parties / squat parties and listened to so much music, as both a punter and as part of my work, that being open minded to music is intrinsic to me. That doesn’t mean I’d go to a club like Space with a glowstick, it just means I don’t close my mind to another style of music just because I feel a connection to a particular scene. I couldn’t write a album in a single genre – I’d get extremely bored.”

Hype free tracklisting for - ‘Omniality’

01) Foxy Sista: Lazy breakbeat meets laidback R&B
02) Tranquilizer: Funk driven house, with eerie strings and a very dirty finish
03) Lavish: House mix of deluder’s sleaziest groove – try it with a friend!
04) Conspicuous: Tribal / progressive house with a big riff and even bigger drums
05) Particular Bliss: Breaks, progressive trance and a indulgent breakdown
06) Submission: 99’ oldskool trance complete with a ecstatic crescendo
07) Lucky Cat: Full on psytrance
08) Escape This Place: Progressive trance with a relentless peak
09) Lust Heart Break: Deep luscious trance with a funky-arse bassline
10) One True Constant: Effortless breaks, evil strings and a enticing arpeggio
11) Dimension 4: Breaks mix of deluder’s most hypnotic, progressive trance track
12) Alien Rhythm: Slow motion robo-funk
13) Dirty Fiction: Chilled out transcendence

MP3s and pre-release copies of ‘Omniality’ available at from 1st July 2005. Email for orders, information, pictures and interviews, or to express an interest in booking deluder in the future.



By the time deluder [or Danny Holness to his Mum] started High School in 1992, electronic dance music culture in Perth was emerging from the underground. Inspired by the embryonic dance music he was hearing, Danny started collecting raves tapes such as Fantazia and Earthquaker. Despite this early love Danny didn’t join the chemical generation until he reached nineteen, discovering dance music once again in the form of Detour at the Globe - voted ‘Perth’s Best Clubnight In 1999’.

In March 2001, after two years of solid partying and a year of relentless dance music journalism, during which he interviewed the likes of Paul van Dyk, Sander Klienenberg, Nick Warren, Dave Morales, Krafty Kuts, Nick Sentience, Hybrid and NuBreed, Danny started producing his own tunes. Amazingly one of his very first tracks: ‘Discotech’, was selected for the inaugural Australian Noise Festival CD and was played on participating radio stations around Australia - just six months after he had started producing electronic music.

Curious about the UK scene, Danny left Australia in December 2001, targeting a career in the electronic dance music industry. After a few months travelling around the country, Danny was snapped up by Most Wanted PR to work as a PR Officer. Most Wanted’s clients included: John’00’Fleming, Marco V, DJ Scot Project and Tidy Trax - with Danny working on huge events such as Tidy London and the Tidy Weekender, as well as releases for the likes of Lab 4, Astral Projection and Electric Tease.

Homesick and craving sun, Danny decided to fly back to Australia, in September 2002, intent on making his mark as an Australian producer, whilst studying Sound Engineering and working part time in the Eastern States scene. Since completing his studies in 2003 Danny has been diligently working on his debut album ‘Omniality’, whilst running RaveSafe Victoria and writing for Ministry Australia and 3D World.

With ‘Omniality’ set for release on Deluder Records from the 1st of August 2005, Danny will dedicate the rest of 2005 to developing ‘Omniality’ into a live experience.

MP3s and pre-release copies of ‘Omniality’ available at from 1st July 2005. Email for orders, information, pictures and interviews, or to express an interest in booking deluder in the future.

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