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DJane Gaby

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Gaby Golic





DJ since:

I am into a trance journey since 12 years now:)

Production Company:

World of Trance


I am also under Ajuca productions and Mandala records-BUT still my Freelance walker:)

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Musical Influences


I am playing from deep spacy nightflight psytrance till morning beautiful flying psy till warm groovy beats-depends on my play time(prefer more morning;))

Current Top 10

1.Psytrain- Is it true
2.Natural Flow-Flying Toaster
3.Psynina-Between spheres
4.Lucid Sound-8.5 Light minutes
5.Mad Contrabender-Dawn of Vigneshwara
7.Cosm-The Opaque
8.Sunrunner-Curving beams of light
9.Flying Saucer-Solar Winds
10.Andromeda -The RMXs

All Time Top 10

!.Tarsis-Vakuum Album
2.Atmos-Headcleaner Album
3.Ticon-Rewind Album
5.Noma-Navigator Album
6.S-range-Fire wire
7.Noma-Morning Glory /S-Range RMx
9.Human Blue-Travelling
10.Matenda-La Scream

Favourite DJs


Favourite Labels

Spiral Trax(the first releases),Synergetic rec.,Flow rec.,Groove zone rec.,Yellow Sunshine Explosion,....

Favourite Artists

Andromeda,Chromosome,Blue Vortex,....


Upcoming Events

22.10. near Graz(A)
25.10.>>CHILLOSPHERIC ROOM< 29.10.>>IMMRANA< 25.11.Budapest(H)
31.12.near Zürich (Switzerland)

Previous Events

Thailand(Koh Phangan,Krabi),Netherland(Amsterdam),Portugal(BOOM 2004),Italy(Trieste),Germany(FUSION 2005),Switzerland(Zürich,..);Hungary(OZORA 2005,Budapest),Austria(SONNENKLANG 1,2,2,...)Croatia(Zagreb,Split,Pula,..),Serbia(Belgrade),Bosnia(Mostar),Macedonia(Skopje)and all over in Slovenia.

Radio Appearances

Radio Student(Slovenia),Radio Skopje(Macedonia),Radio Belgrade(Serbia)

Highlight of Career

Wonderful gig on BOOM 2004 in Portugal:)



Upcoming Releases




My music trance journey started about 12 years ago...and still in my trance:)I started in Slovenia,where i also run the first pstrance radio show there.Later i also built up with my friend the organisation-WORLD OF TRANCE...and we started to organise regulary partys all over Slovenia.After 5 years i went to Vienna.Now i also having regulary each month my party project CHILLOSPHERIC ROOM in Vienna.I played international arround the globe(Thailand,Netherland,Portugal,Italy,Germany,Hungary,Austria,Switzerland,Macedonia,Serbia,Bosnia,Croatia and Slovenia). My music style is like a rainbow...all colours with light and love;)(groovy to spheric psytrance).
I love to open the hearts of the dancers and let them surf through the rainbow universe.

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