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Pitch 'n' Destroy

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1. Black & White - Music is the place of home
2. Alternative Control & Freaked Frequency - Emotion (Freaked rmx)
3. Astrix - Oranda XI (Xerox&Illumination rmx)
4. Delirious - Flashbacks
5. Indica - Civilization
6. Psysex & DJ Slider - Tribal Dance
7. X-Noice - Red Handed
8. Sixsense - Fight
9. Bizzare Contact - Peep Show
10. Jumanji - Roll The Dice (rmx)

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Black & White,X-NoiZe,Wrecked Machines,Space Buddha/Indica...


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NAME: Unusual Suspects Phaze III
DATE: Thursday,9.06.2005
PLACE: Fuka Djusla,Podgorica
DJs: Pseehaw/Bee/Sasha
START: 22:00h

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Memorable events:

Tranceport 1,2,3 @ Fuka Djusla,Podgorica
Happy Trance Year @ Fuka Djusla,Podgorica
Unusual Suspects @ Fuka Djusla,Podgorica

Psychedelicious 1 & 2 @ Hortus,Podgorica

Entrance Afterhours @ Forte Mare,Herceg Novi

Summer Straight Session @ Crvena Plaza,Bar
-with DJ Sivi /GoaSapiens/

Radio Appearances

'Rising Grooves' on Radio 98 - 13.05.2005



Pitch 'n' Destroy organisation consists of 3 young DJs from Podgorica,Serbia & Montenegro - DJ Bee (Janko R.),DJ Pseehaw (Pavle R.) and DJ Sasha (Aleksandar J.) Currently they are the only psytrance DJs in Montenegro.They begun to work together in the beginning of 2002,when Pavle met Janko and Aleksandar on their party in small club in Podgorica,called 'Tvrdjava'.They decided to spread the psychedelic culture in Montenegro and therefore they started orginising parties together in the same place.In the beginning these were just small amateur parties with not many people and without proper DJ equipment.It is safe to say that people in Montenegro were not used to big changes (they still arent) and while the trance scene was growing on the north,in Serbia,there was pracitly no trance scene in Montenegro.People were not ready for it.

But no matter of all,the trio continued their work and in the summer 2003 they bought their first DJ equipment - Pioneer CDJ 100s players and Gemini PS-626i mixer.They were practicing hard every day,learning new skills and gaining experience.They were still organising small parties in several clubs in Podgorica like 'Havana','Underground','Marfi' and offcourse 'Tvrdjava'.There were some ups and downs in that period - besides ordinary small parties there were also some really good ones.

The important moment in their work was Psychedelicious party in club named 'Hortus',on 20th March 2004.This party was,undoubtedly,their most succesfull party.It was open air party,very well organised,with some crazy decorations and 2 dancers.Several good parties followed this one,in the same location.Guys also had gigs in some other cities in Montenegro - party on the old fortress in Niksic,unofficial Entrance afterhours in Forte Mare fortress in Herceg Novi,killer party on the beach near Bar with DJ Sivi from GoaSapiens and some other ones.They were much more experienced and the crowd in Montenegro was slowly starting to like the new sound.

Recently they organised several parties in small club 'Fuka Djusla'.In short,parties are getting better and better.Offcourse they still cannot be compared to trance parties in Serbia and we still dont have big trance names playing in Montenegro but the time will come for that.It's important that psychedelic evolution has begun and people are slowly waking up.

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