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DJ Bes/Tribalistic Society(Crotus Records/Domo Records)

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Brian Jensen




Aarhus, Denmark

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Crotus Records


Domo Records, Cosmic Conspiracy, Spintwist Records

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Musical Influences



Current Top 10

1. Late Night Disco - Groovy Cats(Unrl.)
2. Anarchy, Dickster & Barker - Eargate(Iboga)
3. Monotron - (Spin Twist)
4. Andromeda - Atmonizer(Natural Flow Rmx)(YSE)
5. Sun Control Species - Pedestrian(Unrl.)
6. Late Night Disco - Altered Reality(Unrl.)
7. Liquid Soul - Airwave(Spin Twist)
8. Ace Ventura - Rebirth(Blue Tone)
9. Antix vs. Bitmonx - Tane(XV Kilist Rmx)(Blue Tone)
10. Bufo feat. Tribalistic Society - Tadpole Tooth(Cosmic Conspiracy Unrl.)

All Time Top 10

tough one..................erhmmmmmmmmm dunno

Favourite DJs

Y-Not(Crotus Records), Rica(Bra), Frank E, Damaro(DK ex. Creamcrop),Phillip(Plastik Park)

Favourite Labels

Cosmic Conspiracy,Dance n' Dust,Domo,Flow,Iboga,Interzone,Sinn Tec,Zenon,Zma..........just to mention some.

Favourite Artists

Koxbox,Krumelur,Moses,Sensient,Sun Control Species....these artist inspire me in my own production.


Upcoming Events


Previous Events

Too many to mention and even remember them all. Maybe i drink too much? Here are some though:

New Years In Fairy Land 2005(Vegger, DK): Vibe Tribe(live), Navajo(live) & dj's Bes, Vibe Tribe and Brandt

Summer Experience 2005(DK): Psypox(live) & dj's Psypox, Bes and Brandt

Scandinavian Electronic Music Festival 2005(Dk): Ticon(live), Xibalba(live), Comadose(live), Cujorious One(live), Sensient(live) & dj's Hamelin, Cujo, Moses, Bes, Brandt, Espark.........yada yada yada

Middel Earth Festival 2005(DK): Frogacult(live), Fine Diner(live), Bufo(live) + tons of dj's(Damn Good Liquid!!!!)

Unknown Lifeform 2005(Aarhus, DK): Phillies(live) & dj's Frank E, Bes and Anneli(Swe)

Conzzept 2004(Copenhagen, DK): Eskimo(live), Digital Talk(live), Protoculture(live) & Dj's Eskimo, Digital Talk, Espark, Omid, Bes, Banel.......and many more......

Scandinavian Electronic Music Festival 2004(Dk): Metronome(live), Krumelur(live), Andromeda(live), Minimal Criminal(live), Cujorious One(live), Comadose(live) and dj's Elysium Project, NASA, Espark, Molly Kulator, Moses + Fundeela(Loopiter), Y-Not, Bes...and many more........

Crotus Label Party 2004(Aarhus, DK): Sun Control Species(live), Sensient(live), Comadose(live) & dj's Bes, Moses, fundeela, Espark and Meik

Besides the names you find here ive also had the pleasure of playing with: Infected Mushroom, Son Kite, Shaman, Etnoscope, Kasol, Flyh, Astral Projection, Phillip, Xv-Killist, Tim Harvey, Yumade, Reefer Decree/Oryx, Phoney Orphants and a shit load of names i cant think of now.......yes im getting old and demented. :)

Radio Appearances

None yet

Highlight of Career

Middle Earth 2004(DK). Main stage - prime time. And the most amazing lightning storm in the background.



Krumelur - Minimal Animal(CD)
Bassid - Rise & Shine(12")
Comadose/Bena Riamba - Plan.Plant.Planet(CD)
V/A - Soundscapes Part 1(CD)
Navajo - Something That Came Back(CD)


Tribalistic Society - Beautiful morning(Dance n' Dust)
Sensient - Bawak(Tribalistic Society Rmx)(Dance n' Dust)
Tribalistic Society vs Navajo - Atmosphere(Crotus Records)
Tribalistic Society - Aarhus On A Sunday Afternoon(Compact Records)
Tribalistic Society - Lightning Storm(Cosmic Conspiracy)
Bufo feat. Bes - Tadpole Tooth(Cosmic Conspiracy)

Upcoming Releases


V/A - Crotus vs Cosmic Conspiracy Records(TBA)


Tribalistic Society - The Blue Fairy(Moses Remix)(Crotus)
Tribalistic Society - Psychedelic Life(USTA)
Tribalistic Society - Enter My Cave(Groove Control)
The Gnome Effect - Buckshot(Moses vs Bes Rmx)(Crotus)



Been djing now since 1998 and been making music for almost as long but nothing serious until 2003. Played in most of scandinavia and some european countries but still havnt made it off the continent yet(Book me now please!!!). Play mostly progressive as you can probably see from my top 10 but i also do faster and harder stuff if the time and place is right. Ive always loved music and i guess scratching all my dads records when i was like 5 was my first step to being a dj.(boy was he mad......) There is no other place id rather been than behind the decks and i always try and improve my performance which for me is very important. It keeps me on my toes and makes sure i deliver. Joined the Domo Crew in 2006 after Crotus Records was closed down in spring 2006. Think thats it. If you have any questions abouts bookings, music or just wanna chat my msn is

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