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Paulo Gameyski





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2 years


Anaxadora\Beatslave Records

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Full On Morning



Paulo Stefanov Gameyski is the young talented Dj Mogg Fanatik. He was born in Sofia, Bulgaria 23 years ago, but is living in Portugal since he was 4 years old.

He was introduced in the world of electronic music in 1996 but he got fascinated when he started hearing trance in 1998 influenced by Logic Bomb, Yahel, Deedrah, Talamasca, etc.... By starting to get more in the scene he becamed addicted to the music (thats why he calls himself “Fanatik”) and djing was a natural thing arround 2002.
The main line he like to hear and spin is full on psychedelic! He got his first booking in Bulgaria where he played with the best names of there like Vataff Project and Disham, after that some bookings in Portugal with some artists, made him jump to the center of the scene and became one of the most aprecciated djs in Portugal at the moment.
The deep space atmosphere he likes to create in the dancefloors and clean mixes are his special gifts to the dancers....

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