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D.N.A. ( Circus)

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Nathan aka Muky


Pt Lincoln/Adelaide & Beyond..(India)

DJ since:

D.N.A. 99, V-Dub 06/ Circus 03

Production Company: Circus

Affiliation: Circus

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Musical Influences


Psytrance, Experimental electro Dub, Techno, Tribal House.

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Upcoming Events

....STAY TUNED....

Previous Events

NINE BAR, Goa India(5hr dj set... D.N.A.)20th mar 07
Rainbow Serpent Adelaide Launch party 4th Nov 06 (dj..V-Dub)
Synaptrix-23rd sept 06,Adelaide (dj..V-Dub)
Carnicaro-March 4th,Adelaide(Vj..Iworms),
17th feb Big Shed, Pt Lincoln(Dj..D.N.A./Vj..Iworms),
CrossRoads 3,
"Freaks,Beeps & Bleeps"/Cyanescens (Akaloid Productions)(ADEL)
The Outer Limits*(koppio),
TranceFusion*(koppio), Circus*(whyalla),
A Journey Into Trance / Dark Nebula (Digital Psionics)*(koppio)
CrossRoads, CrossRoads 2,
Winter Session(boston hotel),
Full Moon & Full Moon 2 *(billylights),
Sick Of Hard House*(koppio),
The Pines*,
Fishery's Bay*.
& many underground outdoor bush doofs around Pt Lincoln

*Outdoor Parties

Highlight of Career

5hr set @ Nine Bar In GOA INDIA.. 20th mar 07


DJ Mixes: D.N.A.- First Cut, D.N.A.- RUSTY..Better Live...
D.N.A.-D.M.T.mix, D.N.A.-WTF mix, D.N.A.-Psyber Drive mix, D.N.A.-T7 mix.....

CDs are Demo's & Not For Resale..

Email for Demo Disc..

"I'm No Pro, But I'm Giving It A Go.."



D.N.A.’s (Digital Noise Assembly) dynamic style ranges from his influences of early techno and break beat though to his love of PsyTrance. D.N.A. understands how to take the audience on a journey and allows them to explore the music and emerge from an enlightened experience. D.N.A. has played alongside well known artists such as Dark Nebula (BYR-AUS), Cyancescens (BRIS-AUS) and Jota (ADL-AUS). Having played at a wide variety of shows ranging from local homegrown parties to various shows around SA, D.N.A. know exactly how to work the audience ensuring his sets deliver every time.

Disguised under the name V-Dub, Nathan plays a range of music from ambient to chill and dub. Understanding the power of down tempo spaces within sound, V-Dub breeds a melodic undertone of mood with a groovy edge. Also working on producing his own Experimental electro Dub & hope to release a Album early next year under his music label Circus Circus is a non-profit self ran organisation.
Nathan Dj's as: D.N.A. ( Digital Noise Assembly )
Downtempo dj: V-Dub
Also Vj as: Iworms
Supply Psycho-Active Herbs: NEXUS...
Imports/Seller PsyTrance CDs: PSYCOTICS...

Also have: CDs, Tshirts & Stickers @ 3rDimension, 71 Semaphore Rd SEMA4 Adelaide & Check out eBay.
(sale of these items are of funds to provide Small Alt-life, Arts, Music, Markets, get togethers...)

Providing Alt-Lifestyle Happenings...

Psycho-Active:Herbs, Music & Visual Art Events.

for more info Google Search: Circus

The Last Known Doof Stop To The West...Pt Lincoln
Stop in & say Hi...

Studio Setup

Party P.A. Rig: 2x18" subs, 2x15" mids with horns. 2x800watt Peavey, Crossover, 2x15channel EQ, extra amp & monitor speakers.

Dj Deck: 2xPioneer CDJ100, Behringe DJX700.

Vj gear: Benq Projector, KORG Krossfour Mixer,KORG Entrancer, DVD players, 2xScreens.

Deco/Lighting: UV Banners, UV Cutouts, 400watt UV light. & the rest by Nature Outdoors, Sky Above, Ground Below..Awsome

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