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Ian Davidson




Montreal, Canada

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Event Horizon


24/7 Media - Austria

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Morning to Night Full On



Dj Drizzt is Ian Davidson from Montreal, Canada. Ian has been evolving in the Trance scene since 2000 when he was blown away by the first appearance of Astral Projection on Canadian grounds. Since then, Ian has made psychedelic music a passion, playing at numerous events and being present in local community. He was quickly made resident Dj for Alien Crew, pioneers in the Montreal Trance Scene.

A few years later, he started working with Greg Hall aka Horizon on the English based project Event Horizon, which has been making noise since 1999. Event Horizon is now established in Montreal since 2005. Be on the look out for the "Event Horizon" compilation put together by Horizon and to be released on 24/7 Media, in the summer of 2006!!

He later started his own radio show called Jet Lag, broadcasted on in Brighton, UK. Trying to make his show the most interactive as possible, he has realized several interviews, with acts like ManMadeMan, Elec3, Hydraglyph, Zion Linguist and Frozen Ghost. Drizzt is now label Dj for Austrian label 24/7 Media.

Performed alongside: Broken Toy, 3.Turn, Authentik, l’Elf, Scorb, NRS, RAM, Random, Stella Nutella, The Weirding Way, Symbolium and others…

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