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matthieu delepau



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BUS records


BUS rec, Open rec, Beef rec, VP, Flow, Iboga, sub machine...

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Musical Influences


Electro, Minimal, tribale progressive house

Current Top 10

december 2008 TOP10 coming soon...

october 2007
1 Prime time "Flip side" Original-Bus records
2 Gabriele Ananda "Doppelwhipper" Rocco branco & Tobias Beckers remix-Platzhirsch Schallplatter
3 Prime time "Boucle etrange" Original-Bus records
4 Instinto primario "Oel&polygon" Original-4Line rec
5 D-sens "Life is about" Passion victim remix-Bus records
6 Dub fire "Ribcage" Original-Desolat
7 Butch "On the line Oxia dub-Great stuff
8 Fanatics "Girls" D-sens remix Bus records
9 Robot needs oil "Defected" Olivier Giacomotto remix-Definitive recordings
10 Logiztik sounds "Crazy people" D-nox & Beckers remix-Plastik park

Listen this top 10 on beatport:

Australia Summer 2006 top10
Gabriele Ananda "Doppelwhipper live"
Raudive "Here Lens podium rmx"
Shades of gray "simplicity MOS rmx"
Vibrasphere "Reservoir fiord edit"
Antix new tunes...
Emok & NDSA "harbour candy solead rmx"
Solead "chocolate milk"
Qbig " monosex"
D-sens&Eegore "curtis landing glitchy edit"Antix
"le lascard orten nurs rmx"

Favourite DJs

Richie Awtins, Dubefire, Antix/fiord, Thomas Schumacher, O.Hunteman and many many more...

Favourite Artists

Antix/fiord, James Holden, Stefan Bodzin ...


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Radio Appearances

Di.FM on January 2008

Highlight of Career

outback eclipse festival !!!


D-Sens "Oozy" VA Chrome - sub machine rec
D-Sens & Antix "Reflect" VA day time - sub machine rec
D-Sens "What u want" VA inspirazia - VP records
D-Sens "Enjoy the silence" VA tokyo underground - Stargate recordings (Japan)
D-Sens "Just can't without u" - Beef rec (side label of Tribal vision rec)
D-Sens & Motion " In motion n sickness" – Beef rec
D-Sens "Life is about true signal" on BUS rec with remix of San from Fektive.
D-Sens remix of Fanatics "Girls" on Bus rec
D-Sens "So many" - Electrik dreams rec
D-Sens & dj Eegor "Curtis landing" - Open rec
D-Sens feat Maglite « Electricity» - BUS rec 005
D-Sens feat Maglite « Ce genre de filles vocal edit » - BUS rec 005
D-Sens « Ce genre de filles » - BUS rec 005
D-Sens « HOA » - BUS rec 005
D-Sens « BHD remix » - Iboga rec – Antix « Wanderers » the remix cd
D-Sens remix of Prime time « Flip side » - Bus rec 006
D-Sens remix of RPO « leave a drama » - Pangea prod
D-Sens remix of NOP « salt & sugar » - Beef rec
D-sens remix of NOP "Instinct" - Frames recordings
D-sens remix of GMJ "curious calm" Open rec

Upcoming Releases

D-Sens & dj Eegor “Curtis landing” glitchy edit - Subsonic rec
D-sens "Elswhere" - Bus rec
D-sens "libertee decalee" hypnoz mix - Bus rec



Mat is a dj/produer since the early age of the 90’s under few project names, the most recognises are Lunaspice and D-sens.
He got his first guitar at the age of 10 and was drummer for psychedelic rock bands for many years. While studding music production as sound engineer graduate from the french music school EMC he fall into the rave scene in 94. Since that he perform his specials lives and dj sets around the globe in country such as Japan, Australia, New zealand, Careebean Island and many part of Europe itself, playing on clubs and festivals such as club Core and Cube in Tokyo, the Rainbow serpent festival (melbourne) the Outback Eclipse festival (australia), Soulclipse (Turkey), Arcadia festival (France) just to name a few. Releasing over 30 tracks and one album on labels like Iboga, Flow, Beef rec, Stargate, Open rec, Sub machine, spintwist, Tatsu, Bus rec, VP rec, remixing and remixed artists such as Antix, San & S.Moore and playing along side top notch djs and producers named Josh Wink, Thomas Schumacher, Thomas Penton, Kazey Taylor, Luke Chabel, Solead, D-nox, Antix, A.Absolut, Minilogue, Atmos, Peter Gun, Ticon, Slater just to name a few…

Comanager Of Sub machine rec with Natas he is now managing his hown label BUS rec, with already few releases behind he got a very busy year working up front the minimal techno french scene.
Organiser of the well known Arcadia Festival with his friends as Aqua-veda, they got now a solid reputation in Europe Festivals.
This man is just sharing his love for electronic music with everyone, everywhere…

Studio Setup

analog, soft, Mac, and few accoustic intruments and a lot of brainwash :)

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