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Ed Tangent compiles V/A - Orbital Frog [PsyCore Records]



Ed was born in North London in 1970 into a family of classical musicians and soon found himself immersed into a world of music and performance. Classically trained on the guitar Ed realised that his path was not to be in the mainstream that his parents expected of him.

His first experience of electronic music was when at the age of seven he was taken to see the group SKY which was a collaboration of leading classical musicians reinterpreting the work of the great composers using electric and electronic instruments.

In his formative years use of a 4 track to combine sounds and music in layers gave Ed his first opportunity to experiment with sound. Once in his teens Ed would search the record shops of Soho for Rare groove beats and breaks using the ‘breaks’ to create loops of drum patterns and recreating the pioneering Electro sound that was emerging out of the States from artists such as Grandmaster Flash and Mantronix.

In 1989 he moved to Manchester to study and switched musical direction finding the sound of psychedelic rock ‘tripped his switches’ and started a residency at the SUB club Salford once a week. At this time a friend set up a parallel night at the venue playing Dance, and after a period of time Ed realised that there was an opportunity to re-start his previous passion for creative DJing, but could not quite reconcile the ‘cheese factor’ that was present.

A path towards his own preferred music was found through The Ozric Tenticals and Eat static which gave a real alternative to the piano riffs and vocals of early dance music. After practicing on a friend’s sl110s he saved his pennies up and bought his own pair and in a short period of time started to play out at free parties and underground clubs playing Techno and Acid.

During 94 – 95 with the help of friends involved with the free party scene (pre CJB) he co-promoted Vortex nights in Manchester. Demand from other Manchester promoters grew and he took residencies with Ambicus and Loony productions.

Then one day at a free party Ed met Christo K who was playing ‘Goa Trance’. Ed was immediately taken with the sound and teamed up with Christo K (H20 Records) and Matt Allaby (Nano Records) to form Sunrise Manchester.

Sunrise established itself as one of the leading nights in Manchester and gave Ed a platform to play each month to a capacity crowd. Bookings across the UK came in for him including nights such as Tribal Heart (London), Kundalini (London/leeds), Alpha Wave (Plymouth/ Lizard festival), Tribe of Frog (Bristol/Waveform sunrise festival), Megadog Beach festival, Tipi’s Unlimited (Glastonbury Festival/ Tipi valley) and regular guest sets for the legendary Return to the Source (The Rocket/Brixton Academy/Cloud 9/Megadog).

He also found bookings coming from Europe and repeatedly played at the then infamous Amsterdam Goa trance club Trance Buddha. Ed has also been part of the Music conference ‘In the City’ and was the first Psy trance FM radio show to ever broadcast in the UK (maybe the world) with live acts, Dj mixes and once having the comedian Keith Allen co present the show.
Ed has also been a guest mix DJ for several Manchester radio shows including ‘The Jon Berry’ techno programme on Piccadilly radio. Ed has also played at the birth place of Goa/Psy trance in GoaIndia, and at the millennium parties was invited to play the New Years Eve party at the Hill top.

Closer to home Ed has built a solid following in the North of England with repeat bookings throughout the years from the many Psychedelic Trance clubs, being a firm favourite with promoters and clubbers alike at clubs such as Kulu (Bradford), Cabbage (Leeds), Alien Resonance (Liverpool), Planet Zogg (Sheffield), Fatmoon (Sheffield), Missing in Manchester (Manchester).

Ed is also becoming a festival favourite with peak slots on the festival circuit including, The Glade (liquid connective/Earthheart), Sunrise Family Gathering (Tribe of Frog/Wave form) and Shamania, Ed has also brought His night Sunrise to the Sol-fest (Cumbria) Dance tent for the last three years filling the marquee beyond capacity each time.

Ed is now signed up to the UK based record label Phantasm Records as one of their DJs along side his contemporaries John Ford, Dickster (ADM, Green Nuns) and internationally acclaimed super star live act Eskimo.

Ed is now opening himself back up to more bookings after a period of downscaling activities after the birth of his two children and demand for his work is increasing.
He is now known as one of the UK’s most talented and experienced Psy Trance Djs whose unique style of music is facilitated by pin point music manipulation on the decks and an energetic stage presence that gives an increased amount of energy to the dance floor.

His on stage presence has been described as ‘Awe inspiring’, ‘Energetic’ and ‘Phenomenal’.

Ed’s style is firmly rooted in the Psychedelic Trance medium with the sound being described as tripped out Funky Techno Psy Trance. In fact the sound is easily accessible to all dance music lovers, but he never compromises his musical integrity.

Ed says ‘It is about catching the vibe and hooking the audience into the mix. My mixing is always flawless and I pride myself on that. A good Dj will make people think about the music and sound, and they should feel that the Dj is reading their minds about where the mix and music will take them. It has to be a natural progression of sound. It’s all about the symbiosis between performer and audience’.

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