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Kristian Thinning Andersen




Malmoe, Sweden

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Avatar Records

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Musical Influences


Ethnic, Tribal Progressive Trance/House and Downbeat

Current Top 10

In no particular order

Solar Field : Overload : DJ Anti & Solar Fields Remix (AC/DC)
Javier Gonzales & Ismael Rivas : Andrea's Son (Maxidentit)
Antix : Hiding Place : Phony Orphants Remix (Iboga)
Chris Micali : Enough (Influx Audio)
Dousk : Wristslap : Kasey Taylor Remix (Vapour)
Ismael Rivas : Sulam (Max Identity)
Ticon : Poem For Granny (Digital Structures)
Elysium : Lolaland (Unreleased)
Sonic Cube : Cloud Buster - André Absolut Remix (Tribal Vision)
Mode Hookers : Breathe : Sander Van Doorn Remix (Armind)

All Time Top 10

Robert Leiner : Aqua Viva (R&S/Apollo)
Psychik Warriors Ov Gaia : Exit23 (KK Records)
Beckers : Switch (Sprout)
Sonic Cube : Cloud Buster - André Absolut Remix (Tribal Vision)
The Overlords : Sundown (Antler Subway)
Holm & Andersen : Cityrain (Tribal Vision)
Sven Väth : Ritual Of Life (Eye Q)
Juno Reactor : Rotorblade (Blue Room Released)
Elysium : Keep It Cool (Nova Zembla)
LCD : Daydream (Sony Music)

Favourite DJs

Robert Leiner, D-Nox

Favourite Labels

Tribal Vision, Orbit Recordings, Iboga, Chill Tribe

Favourite Artists

Beckers, Andre Absolut, The Source Experience, Psychik Warriors Ov Gaia, Lumukanda


Upcoming Events

31.12.05 Konzzept New Years Party, Copenhagen - Denmark
24.02.06 Club22, Athens, Greece
25.03.06 Psysplash, Copenhagen. Denmark
27.03.06 Soulclipse Festival, Turkey
21.04.06 Sten Väck's Birthday Party. Malmoe, Sweden

07 - 13.07.06
Tchamla Kingdom Festival - Bulgaria

TBA: Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Greece

Previous Events

Way too many to mention over the last 12 years but here's a list of countries I have performed in:

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland, Portugal, Iceland, USA, South Africa, Japan, Israel

Radio Appearances

Some shows on Greek, Israeli, Danish national Radio plus various international radiostations

Highlight of Career

My comeback right now and many other fun times


Project One (12") Nova Zembla
Dance For The Celestial Beings (CD) Nova Zembla
Dance For The Celestial Beings (2xLP) Nova Zembla
Master Of The Rainforest (CD5") Nova Zembla
Master Of The Rainforest (12") Nova Zembla
Monzoon (CD) BNE - Brand New Entertainment
Yemaya / Xanuba (12") Nova Zembla
Celestial Sounds & Tribal Beats (CD) BNE
Wind Of Dust (Remix) / The Scream (12") M.A.S.H
Regenerated (CD) Avatar
Dance For The Celestial Beings (Special Edition) (2xCD) Avatar


ZodiazYouth - Devil's Circus (Elysium Rmx) Dragonfly
ZodiacYouth - Mr. Redeemer (Elysium Rmx) Dragonfly
ZodiacYouth - Don't Smoke Acid (Elysium Rmx) Dragonfly
Orion - The Source (Elysium Rmx) Symbiosis Records
Messiah - Hypnosis (Elysium Rmx) BNE/Organic Records
Frogacult - All Seasons (Elysium Project Rmx) Iboga
POTS - Tussy De Luxe (Elysium Rmx) Tribal Vision

+ Various Compilation tracks

Upcoming Releases

New progressive CD to be released Spring 2006
New downbeat CD to be released 2006



Elysium has been around since 1994, releasing a variated amount of music on labels such as Nova Zembla, TIP, Dragonfly, BNE, Iboga, Chill Tribe and Avatar Records. The debut single “Project One” became a worldwide dancefloor hit, with its ethnic tribal sound. The following debut album “Dance for the Celestial Beings” is considered one of the all-time Goa classic albums containing tracks such as “Keep It Cool”, “Aliens” and “Illusive World”. Before Danish Kristian Thinning Andersen formed Elysium he had released a number of projects on labels such as legendary belgian R&S Records. He has furthermore released music as Sheyba (with Jean Borelli aka Orion), Kailash (with Tsuyoshi) and more. Elysium have played all over the World and is back with a 2 hour live performance playing old tracks remixed into a more progressive sound and new more progressive material taken from his upcoming CD release.
A new ethnic, tribal progressive CD will be released Spring 2006 and a experimental downbeat CD is also expected to be released during 2006 plus various apperances on compilations and a few "12. inch releases.

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