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Funky Space Elf

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Jeff Wehl




Brisbane, Australia

DJ since:


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Fusing Brisbane & Orphic


Gooble Warming

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Musical Influences


Music for the Moment

Favourite DJs

Andrew Till and DJ Hell

Favourite Labels

Psy Harmonics, Demontea, Exogenic, Surreal Audio; Timecode and Nano; Anything local - Giiwa, Dada Stream etc

Favourite Artists

too many to mention; Eat Static, The Orb, Rip Van Hippy, Juno Reactor, Hydrophonic


Previous Events

Cyclone Orphic - Infected Mushroom 2004
Earthcore - Millenium 1999-2000
Rainbow Serpent 2004
Earthdance 2003 (Cairns)
Woodford Folk Festival 2002-2003
Earthcore - 10th Anniversary
Asia Pacific Arts Festival (MAAP)
Rainbow Beach 2003, 2004

Radio Appearances

Guest on JJJ - The Club with Nicole Foote

Highlight of Career

A very hard question - probably the NYE sets at Syncron and Woodford Folk Festival plus Rainbow Beach 2004 and Orphic August 2003



Techno groove layered with the ambience and growl of modern trance provides a solid canvas for this elf's inner self-message....
Funky Space Elf has been dabbling in alternative dance culture for the past ten years. An emphasis on diversity and substance has seen him speak on the subject of electronic music at the 2001 Asia/Pacific Multimedia Festival and direct events such as Syncron, Zenith and Orphic. Performing at gatherings such as the Woodford Folk Festival, Earthcore, Exodus, Rainbow Serpent and Earthdance has seen FSElf play alongside acts such as Joujouka, Infected Mushroom, Deedrah, Ubar Tmar, Tobias Schmidt, Tristan, Loopus in Fabula, Rip Van Hippy, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Black Lung, X Dream, Antix, Andrew Till, Tim Healy and AB Didgeridoo to name but a few. FSElf has also played guest on JJJ's - The Club with Nicole Foote and orders music on behalf of local music outlet - Gooble Warming.

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