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Hefty Output

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Tim Hanlon & Dan Verbi


Melbourne, Australia

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Illuminati Records

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Musical Influences


Heavy music for the night

Favourite Artists

Pondscum, Damage, Parasense, Kindzadza, N.R.S, Azax Syndrom, Entropy


Previous Events

Some ones that immediately come to mind-

+ Talamasca/EC (played after Talamasca, cleared 50% of the venue, got cut off after 29 minutes)
+ Azax/AE3 (clearing the dancefloor in less than a minute - and they're having us back next time - ha ha ha!)
+ Shift /Imajica (playing to 7 people at about 3pm in pissing rain and hail - you guys know who you are and deserve medals)
+ Structural Damage in Newcastle -> Royal Doof in Melbourne (official weekend of utter mayhem)
+ Somatica (first live set for Melbourne, numerous people spotted waving hands in the air like they just didn't care)
+ Tribe NYE 2005 (um...LOUD!)
+ Triptamind (introduction to a lovely crew, the spectacular peanut camp and of course the Ketuh family - we'll never forget this one)
+ Jahbo/AE4 (ableton 1, hefty 0)
+ Psyism (6 subs a side of Nexo, nuff said)
+ Nimbin Mardi Grass (nuff said)
+ Secret Society (epic, deadly and/or gear)

Highlight of Career

All of it


PsyPneumatix Records V/A "Sound Travel"
Track: Renegade Peanut vs Delta Nuge - "New Sounds of Freedom"

Ketuh Records V/A "In Crypto"
Track: Hefty Output - "GHB (remix)"

Ketuh Records V/A "Hyperspatial Chrysalis"
Track: Hefty Output - "WTF? rmx"

Upcoming Releases

Album on Ketuh coming early 2006



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