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Holm & Andersen

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Kim Holm and Kris Andersen




Malmoe, Sweden

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Loopfreaks Digital Release, Tribal Vision, Genki Music

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Musical Influences


Progressive House / Electro House / Tribal House

Current Top 10

Absolut & Blade - Crash (Holm & Andersen's Punk Mix)
Andro B - Young & Dumb (William Umana's Pure Mix)
Del Horno & Eric Entrena - The Future (Original Mix)
Gustavo Bravetti - Sail With Me (Tronso Vs Inkfish Remix)
Holm & Andersen - Electric (Hot Electronic Mix)
John E - When U Come (Roman Lieske Remix)
Kharma & Spacenoah - Outside (Maurice Noah Mix)
Holm & Andersen - Wasted (Original Mix)
Oliver Klein & Martin H - Club Game (Peter Bailey Remix)
Parlange - Ocean Drive (Original Mix)

All Time Top 10

Beckers - Switch (Original Mix)
Holm & Andersen - Electric (Original Mix)
James Monro - Space Between
Locodice - Phat Dope Shit (Saeed's Dope Shit Mix)
Trentemoeller - Rykketid (Original Mix)
Kult Of Krameria - Pure Reality (Original Mix)
Eric Prydz - The Gift (Original Mix)
Coburn - Give Me Love (Original Mix)
Mister A - Bad Water (RPO Vocal Mix)
Noir & Black Magik - Fuck Me (Martin Brodin's Soultec Mix)

Favourite DJs

D-Nox, David Amo

Favourite Labels

RPO Traxx, Fresco, Mauritius

Favourite Artists

RPO, Beckers, David Amo


Upcoming Events

5/6 - Malmoe, Sweden, KB - Kulturbolaget - DJ
7 & 8/10 - Natraj Temple, Munich, Germany - DJ
1/12.06 - 10/1.07 - Brazil, Tour - Live/DJ

Highlight of Career

Our forthcoming South America Tour. What else can beat that? :)


Cityrain : LImelight compilation (Tribal Vision)
Dreadest Dreads EP (
Disco EP (
100% Pure Electronic EP (Loopfreaks/Beatport)

Upcoming Releases

Disco (Instrumental Mix) - Genki Music Australia
What You Gonna Do (Original Mix) - Polarlight
Electric (Original Mix) - Loopfreaks
Electric (Hot Electronic Mix) - Loopfreaks
Wasted (Original Mix) - Loopfreaks
Devotion (Original Mix) - Loopfreaks



Holm & Andersen is a Danish progressive House / Electro project and DJ Team started in 2005 by Kim "Budda” Holm and Kris Andersen.
Kim has been a popular and busy DJ since 1998 as a resident DJ in Danish clubs such as Rende Vouz / Club Nuclear and at many parties and festivals in Denmark and Sweden.
Kris is better known as Elysium (KK/NovaZ) or one half of the project Sheyba (Flying Rhino UK). As Elysium he has had an international artist/DJ career since 1994 and has performed around the world at many legendary festivals and parties such as the first Voov, Samothraki and Boom festival.
Holm & Andersen perform Back2Back as a DJ team and are at the moment in the Studio working on new music as well as touring around the world. They play progressive House/electro and deep tribal house

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