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Roger, Calve, Ralph, Dave, Weaver




London, UK

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Project Ozma / Synergy Project / Inside Productions

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Musical Influences


Full On / Ambient / Progressive / Conscious Visuals


Upcoming Events

Secret Garden, UK, Tetris Safari, Ireland, MTV Exit Tour, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus.

Previous Events

Global Gathering, Wickerman Festival, Glade Festival, Synergy Project resident VJ's, Soulclipse, Ozora Festival, Secret Garden, Hadra Festival, Sonica Festival, Optronica, Earthdance + many more....

Highlight of Career

Liquid stage at Glade 2006.

Upcoming Releases

inside-us-all's first DVD release will be out in early 2007.



Inside-Us-All are the UK pioneers of shaped multi screen visual clusters, performing since 2001 they have gained international recognition in 2005 winning the Diesel U-Music "Best VJ" award for 2005 and being listed in DJ Magazines top 20 VJ's world wide. They have performed at 28 festivals throughout the european summer season and are producing their first original AV set (synchronised video / original music) in 2006.

Roger Bolton (Eskatonia) joined the Inside-Us-All team in 2006.

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Studio Setup

many laptops, Edirol V4's x 3, Resolume, Grid Pro, Quartz Composer and a stack of cables, dvd players and cameras.

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