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Iworms ( Circus)

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Nathan aka Muky


Pt Lincoln/Adelaide & Beyond..

VJ since:

Iworms 2005

Production Company: Circus...Psycho-Active:Herbs, Music & Visual Art Events.

Affiliation: Circus

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Musical Influences


Iworms the eye candy doctor


Upcoming Events

Particles of Space 4th Feb 07,Grampians (dj..D.N.A./V-Dub, vj..Iworms)

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With his white coat on, he transforms into I-worms the eye candy doctor. With toys of light and creating flowing decor a whole new world is created by his touch. Showing his love of not just sounds, but sights you can always look out for the unexpected which is sure to take you on a magical journey.

Whether it is an indoor party or outdoor doof, Nathan and Co utilize their surroundings to help create a multi-dimensional installment, reflecting their creative art and the atmospheric pressure of the party.

Studio Setup

Benq Projector
KORG Kross 4 Mixer
KORG Entrancer
Mini DVD players
2 x Projection Screens

UV Banners
UV Cutouts
400watt UV light
Custom party decor and decoration

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