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Sydney, Australia.

DJ since:

June 2000

Production Company:

Discordian Monkey Tribe


Neurobiotic (also Saiko Sounds and Sonic Dragon)

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Musical Influences


Psychedelic Trance w/ Groovy and Funky influences.

Favourite DJs

Dimitri, Shane Gobi, Christof, Ans, Marco Carola, Edoardo, D-Nox, Serge, Spiralkinder, Freq Nasty, Pixel, Joti Sidhu, Claude Young, Matan Gataka...

Favourite Labels

Neurobiotic, Dragonfly, Nano, Solstice, Ant Zen, Maia, Hommega, Twisted, Spirit Zone, Blue Room, Com.pact, Basic Channel, Iboga, Digital Structures, Spun, TIP, Etnicanet, Timecode, Phantasm, 3D Vision...

Favourite Artists

Hallucinogen, Koxbox, Absolum, The KLF, Deedrah/Synthetic, Robbie Williams, Booka Shade, Juno Reactor, Silicon Sound, Atmos, Trentemoller, Sirius Isness, Space Cat, The Fast Crew, The Chemical Brothers, Pryda, Infected Mushroom, Nitzer Ebb, Son Kite, Tristan, Allaby, Zen Mechanics, Wrecked Machines, Sub 6, Underworld, Joti Sidhu, Pixel, Domestic, CPU, Space Tribe, Sesto Sento, Infusion, Intelabeam, Cream, Aquatica, Pop Stream...


Previous Events

Discordian Monkey Tribe Parties:
Atom Eyes (w/ Steve Ronan) [august 2000]
Crystal Eyes [november 2000]
Earthdance Sydney 2003 (w/ Shift) [september 2003]
Protoculture (w/ Protoculture + Lurk) [march 2004]
Cycle Logical I (w/ Pixel + Luna Orbit) [october 2004]
Cycle Logical II (w/ Sirius Isness, Sensient + Beka) [february 2005]
Erisian Fields (w/ Hallucinogen, Antix, Mr Peculiar, Luke Psywalker, Sun Control Species, Beka, Aaron Smiles, Gavin Martin, Alias, Sgt Dan, Avidd, K-Oscillate, Schwa + more) [december 2005]

Other Parties:
Earthdance Sydney 2000
Hoi Pol Loi 2 + 3 (Holland)
Free the Fantasy (Belgium)
As Above So Below (Holland)
Cosmic Trip Ship (Holland)
Earthdance Sydney 2002
Out of Know-ware (w/ Mark Allen)
Outback Eclipse Festival
Treck 7
Yak and Yeti 2003 Infected Mushroom Party, (w/ Infected Mushroom)
Yak and Yeti 2003 Logic Bomb Party (w/ Logic Bomb)
Track 4
Tribedelic Gathering NYE 2003/2004
The Code (w/ CPU)
Cyberotica 2004 (w/ Infected Mushroom + GMS)
Earthcore Party (w/ X-Dream + Space Tribe)
Bliss (w/ Deedrah, Bumbling Loons, James Munro, Dick Trevor)
Bliss (w/ Tristan + Talamasca)
Silicon Sound (w/ Silicon Sound)
Earthdance Sydney 2004
Earthcore Carnival Launch (w/ Wizzy Noise)
Summer Dreaming Festival 2004
Doof Experience 2004/2005 NYE
Rainbow Serpent Festival 2005
Tsuyoshi Suzuki (w/ Tsuyoshi Suzuki)
Mr Peculiar's Mind-Dala Launch (w/ Mr Peculiar)
Earthdance Sydney 2005
Awakening Festival (w/ Chromosome, Soul Surfer, Andromeda, Freq, Benza + more)
Psy.Co.Therapy 3 (w/ Eskimo, Beka, Launchpad, Franny)
Tribeadelic Gathering 2005/2006 NYE
Rainbow Serpent Festival 2006
REGEN Festival 2006
Abyss (w/ Scorb)
Earthdance Sydney 2006

Radio Appearances

Hosted the Discordian Hour with Paul Puddles on FBI for six months. Have had two sets played on Triple J's The Club. Have been on 2SER several times, also 2RRR and Bondi FM.

Highlight of Career

Being selected to join the Russian Under 21s Women's Volleyball team in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games



Jaimz originally discovered psychedelic and goa trance through Sydney's doof scene in the mid 90s. Already an obsessive music collector, he focused this passion entirely on psychecedlic trance, and by 1999 he found himself with a pair of decks learning to mix. By the year 2000 Jaimz was DJing regularly and had formed the Discordian Monkey Tribe to make parties.

In the past few years Jaimz has firmly established himself as a major part of Australia's psychedelic trance community, DJing regularly at parties and festivals around the country (including Rainbow Serpent, Tribeadelic NYE, Summer Dreaming, and the Outback Eclipse Festival), co-managing the Sonic Dragon record label group (with releases including Mr Peculiar and Benza), and throwing large-scale outdoor events with the Discordian Monkey Tribe (featuring artists such as Hallucinogen, Antix, Sirius Isness, Sensient, Pixel, Luna Orbit and Protoculture). He also maintains a casual role as the main developer for the Saiko Sounds online psytrance record store. Since 2006 Jaimz has represented the Italy's Neurobiotic Records in Australia, one of the most successful and forward-thinking psychedelic trance record labels in the world.

Jaimz has been known to play anything from Full On Psychedelic Trance to Progressive House and Electro, but it his reputation as an energy flow master, seemlessly moving from one style to another, that keeps him at the cutting edge of the psytrance movement..

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