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Michael Pfundt




Tassie (AUS)

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Musical Influences


Analog Psy Fusion

Current Top 10

I just Love Music...

All Time Top 10

I wish - Infected Mushroom
Elation Station (original) Infected Mushroom
Anything Earthy
Anything that makes me dance then puts me on my ass..

Favourite Artists

Mike Portnoy
Infected Mushroom
Daft Punk
There's heaps i appreciate a broad range of music from tripped psy to rock.. i get confused with names.. isn't it much easier to just say them all...


Upcoming Events

Scrathd Dj/Vj Workshops and Soundspace Rave.

Radio Appearances

LC FM Dance Hour etc..

Upcoming Releases

Hopefully we should have an album ready in the coming months, three tracks have been mixed down and we will have them uploaded to the net as soon as possible..



Well all I pretty much do is make music and set up gigs for people.. thats the life of a 17 year old student in Tassie... The project I'm working on at the moment is a collaboration between myself and my friend Jonathon Moore, hence J.M.M.P, who has been producing for just as long as i have.. Currently working on an album (Just Make Music Please!) using the extremely limited amount of equipment we have and borrowing studio gear from several places.. we just love what we do.. probably cause there's nothing else for any semi intelligent lifeforms who stare idly at the world and say, well.. I guess that went to shit.. to do :)

Studio Setup

Dell Media station 2.4 g processor, 1g ram, twin video cards for VJ'ing, SoundBlaster LIVE 24-bit soundcard,
Home built monitor setup :) FruityLoops 5.5 and 7 i like them both.. A Heap Of Plugins.. a favourite (Analog Warfare - Angular Momentum)
Borrowed gear: Yamaha powered monitors 2006 model.. cant quite remember what model.. Mackie 32-channel desk
Gates, Compressors etc.. Ensoniq DP-88 Parallel effects processor.. Mics (favourite vocal 'RODE NT2a')
Thats Pretty Much it

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