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Melbourne, Australia

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Favourite DJs

Andrew Till, Adam Freeland, Dave Seamen, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Miss Kitten, Toupee, Nick Taylor, Kundalini, Dakini, Jenny Daggers, Dj EHM (France), D-Rek, Heath Myers, name a few...

Favourite Labels

Psy Harmonics

Favourite Artists

Mantrix, The Prodigy, Infusion, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Front 242, Evil Nine, Toires, Ticon, Miles Jackson, Echomen, Swayzak, Maurizio, Theorem, Super Cozi, Proper Filthy Naughty, Grey Area, Banco de Gaia, Sigur Ros, Sex in Dallas, 2raumwohnung, Vive La Fete, Boards of canada, Male or Female, Son Kite, Antix, Trentemoller!!! etc, etc, etc...argh! there are way too many and my head is spinning!! I could go on and on for hours.. :)


Previous Events

Rainbow Serpent Festival, 2005
Exodus, 2005
Submerge, 2005
Support for The Rush Effect @ Revolver & The Evelyn Hotel, 2004/5
The Spot, Brunswick w Rush Effect & Andrew Till June 2005
Incredible Beats @ Deep 11 June 05
Tribeadelic NYE 2006
Rainbow Serpent 2006
Submerge 2006
Psyfari 2006

Radio Appearances

Various PBS FM shows in the past few years. Also a weekly spot on Bay FM in 2001 (Byron Bay radio show)

Highlight of Career

Playing at Tribeadelic NYE :)


stuff I'd rather not mention :P



I like to either play chilled sit back slightly weirdo yet funky ambient or even arabic stuff OR get up and shake ya booty sexy fat funky groovy base chakra stuff :) I have my own material also and will sneak it in on ya from time to time ;)

Studio Setup

P4 running Cubase SX 3 ...BUT learning Ableton Live finally which roxx!

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