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Eric brandy & Christophe Fabulet



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Chris has been djing for 10 years Eric produces since 1997. ::Kali-Frogz:: born in 2003


Jester, Peak records, Horns&Hoofs, MightyFat

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Musical Influences


Tech-trance, dowtempo, experimental

Current Top 10

Henrik B - Promena Ep (Illgorhytm)
Taksi - was mal Anderes (Taksi music/Boshkebeats)
Holeg & Spies - Inorganic being (Flatline)
Disco Slickers - Orange aid (Slope)
Electrypnose - Paradis perdu (Peak recs)
Mass Turbo - Sitcom drama (Coldgroove)
Nuclear Ramjet - Operation Northwood (Colgroove)
Motion - Imagination (unr)
Platform - Venetian dealers (Moonflower)
Epi centrum - Terror Romance (Horns&hoofs unr)


Radio Appearances

K2Conscience Rouen 2003


"tronic Ultimate"VA Chillum4, Agitato 2005
"Hawai Transit ,ocean board remix" with Cell, VA Chillig goddess, Peak recs 2005
"Wotan" VA Idea fix, Horns&Hoofs 2005
"Tumor House" VA Mellowgrounds, MightyFat records 2005
"8/6 Tumor Park" VA Chillogram, Peak records 2005
"Dismembered" VA Rewired, Jester recs 2006



Kali-Frogz are Christophe Fabulet and Eric Brandy from France. Christophe used to play as a chill-out dj over 10 years and created a radio-show about Psytrance and Ambient on a local station.
Eric is into music creation since he worked on some old soundtrackers in the end of the 90's...

Their taste for electronic music, deep atmospheres and dirty ground-shaking beats led them to create Kali-Frogz, which sound can be described as a rough techno/trance crossover, blended by massive rythms and experimental layers.
Kali-Frogz are also working on some weird electro/ambient tunes which complete their musical investigations... For these guys, there is no styles-boundaries, just good or bad music...
Break the limits is their only rule!

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