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Stuart Morton-Wild





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Writing music all together? As long as I can remember...

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Polysonic Events


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Musical Influences

All Time Top 10

The Beatles - A Day In The Life
The Dissociatives - Much Prefered Customers
Radiohead - Everything is in it's right place
Radiohead - The Pyramid Song
Squarepusher - Greenways Tracjectory

So many others, but these came to mind first...

Favourite Artists

Dance/Psychedelic genre: Squarepusher, Artifakt, Krumelur/Kroppsprak, Hired Goonz, Neuron Compost, Sensient, Autonomech, Ritchie Hawtin


Upcoming Events

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Previous Events

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Polysonic 04 - feat. Olli Wisdom
West Psyde 04 - feat. Illusion Of Self
Rainbow Beach 04 - feat. Andrew Till

Radio Appearances

4ZZZ - Electronic Goodness in NOV 04 for West Psyde

Highlight of Career

the defining moments of singularity

Upcoming Releases

Mid 2007: Polysonic Records - V/A, Reset
Late 2007: Polysonic Records - Kaneda Album (currently unnamed)

Some others in the works...




Stuart Morton-Wild (aka Kaneda, full name; Kaneda J. Rahn) has been writing music ever since he can remember. He started with a piano as a 7 year old, explored pan pipes as a 10 year old, found guitars as a 13 year old, DJed dance music at 14 in night clubs, and by the time he was 16 he was fusing it all together on stage with an experimental, electro-rock outfit.

For the past 3 years, Kaneda has been experienced in forests and clubs, performing up and down the east coast of Australia, lobe grinding and head-esploding all the way. Since the start, Kaneda's sets have almost always been comprised entirely of his own music, with the odd exception when he is profiling the latest Polysonic Records material.


The Kaneda project has proved to be quite the sonic plethora, with sounds ranging from loopy fun-paced psychedelia, to slower grooves, inducing a more funky progressive & tribal-tech flavour. This seemingly juxtaposed style is described vaguely by Stuart as a "reality remix": Remembering future elements of distant waking rhythms, as they stream in together over a familiar concept, folding firmly into the present, at the singular hand of memories passed.

Reset-filled and fractalised; the sounds of le Kaneda are dark and chunky, whilst satirically funky, bringing balance, chaos and order through sonic duality…


Stuart is currently forming several music ventures seperate from 'Kaneda', including a dark progressive & minimal tech project... Details soon to be revealed....

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Frootiez for teh win....

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