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Madhav Shorey




New Delhi

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Soultribe Records

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House / Breaks / Prgressive Trance / Psy

Favourite Labels

Domo , Iboga, Flow, Tribal Vision, Yellow Sunshine and all similar progressive labels.

Favourite Artists

" CURRENTLY " Antix, D.Nox, Elastic, Sun Control Species, Liquid Soul, Perfect Stranger, Ticon, Neelix, FreQ, Tegma, Vaishyas, Sensifeel, Meller, Sensient, Shadow FX, Frogacult, Son Kite, Yotopia, Mood Deluxe, Lish, Space Safari, Alion, Pion, Greed, Sonic Cube, Beckers, Igneous, Funky Dragon, Acan, Jaia, Shaman, Flowjob, Lunaspice, Tetrameth, Day Din, Xiaba, Symphonix, Mantrix, U-Reckon, Ecliptic and other similar trance artists.


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Kohra - Air Pedro (Soultribe Records) 2006
V.A - Dream Masti - Kohra - Sceneric Sunrise (Masti Music) 2006



Kohra A.K.A Madhav Shorey is a 20 year old dj and music producer from New Delhi, India. He began dj'ing much earlier while still at school at various clubs and venues, when 16, he was drumming for various bands, and also the finalist at the "War of the Dj's" dj competition where he played Drum'n'Bass, he also gave a guest performace for 2 consecutive years at the same showcasing turntabling skills, after which he was playing regularly at most clubs in Delhi promoting progressive house and breaks, he was also the Resident Dj alongside Dj Arjun at club Q'ba. He then had a strong craving to produce his own music and went ahead to learn the tricks of the trade himself. Soon he was producing not just dance music but all kinds of electronica out of his home studio out of which his "Sceneric Sunrise" releases shorty on a Various Artists Indian Electronic Compilation called "Dream Masti", also a 12" VINYL Release - "Air Pedro" on a german progressive label called Soultribe Records and a Dj Compilation promoting progressive dance later this year.

While dj'ing he plays a wide array of music ranging from House / Breaks, Deep Progressive, Tribal and Psychedelic to Ambient, Dub, Chillout and IDM. His productions are also inspired by the same style resulting in a hybrid of sounds and elements breaking the ever so evident genre barrier most dj's and producers confide themselves to. He is inspired by Native world rythms including Indian Ethnic sounds which hail from his homeland which is ever so evident in his music. He is also a member of the well known Indian electronica act called the Jalebee Cartel for which he contributes with his skills as a Drummer / Percussionist / DJ and producer. He is currently working on promoting his sound independantly as a dj and a producer and promoting progressive trance music in all ways possible.

Also the Jalebee Cartel and Kohra, are playing Live Sets at the MOONDUST FESTIVAL in November 2006 alongside artists like Sensient, Suspekt, Tetrameth, Fitali, Ibojima, Sofiax, Sesto Sento and 20 other full-on internationl trance artists. WWW.MOONDUST.IN

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