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Andreas Lundmark




Helsinki, Finland

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Nectarium, Organigato


Nectarium, Organigato

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Psychedelic Forest / Goa / Prog / Morning Trance. Chill Style: IDM / Ambient / Psybient

Favourite Labels

Peak, Glowing Flame, Sending Orbs, Blue Tunes

Favourite Artists

Hux Flux, Atmos, Koxbox, Son Kite, Ajja, Yab-Yum, Artax, Knaprika, Krusseldorf, Lost & Found, Frozen Ghost, Onkel Dunkel, Ianuaria, REV, Aavepyörä, Loopus In Fabula, Salakavala, Troll Scientists, Artax, Yudhisthira, Hallucinogen, Eat Static, Catla, the Green Nuns of the Revolution, Kettel, Secede, Ishq, Entheogenic and many more


Upcoming Events

look up at myspace for upcoming gigs

Previous Events

<3 best moments so far... <3
25.10.2008 - NEO & C2C: Infected Mushroom world tour '08 (FI)
31-04.08.2008 - VuuV Festival 2008 (D)
11-13.07.2008 - Konemetsä Festival 2008 (FI)
04-07.07.2008 - Tundra Festival 2008 (LT)
06.03.2008 – Goa: Twisted Soundz feat. DJ Simon B (FI)
16.02.2008 – FINvasion Afterparty (LT)
15.02.2008 – FINvasion (LT)
31.12-01.01.2007 - Futuristic NYE 2008 (FI)
08.09.2007 - Futuristic: Mindmap (FI)
27-29.07.2007 - Faces Etnofestival X 2007 (FI)
06-08.07.2007 - Konemetsä Festival 2007 (FI)
22-23.07.2006 - Kaaospuhallus Open Air 2006 (FI)
04.06.2006 - Nectarium: Don't Desert Drylands! (WED’06) (FI)
17.08.2005 - Discothèque du Lizard: Birth Experience (FI)
23-25.07.2004 - Elixir 2nd Anniversary: the round of <3 (FI)


Irschtas feat. Kolibriscope - Nitty Gritty



Kolibriscope is a Finnish DJ whose experience and tunes combine to sets which are never predetermined - the music changes along the party, depending on the atmosphere, vibes and energy felt. For style he plays mostly psychedelic trance, the really twisted forest style to the old goa trance, aswell as psygressive to electro- tech- progressive house. His chill out ranges from ambient to more harder idm/dubstep/triphop and slower minimal techno and you can expect really experimental stuff but usually with positive sounds. Kolibriscope is a DJ who wants spread his support and energy, and to deliver the best possible experience to others.

Already as a child, Kolibri refused to go to sleep without a record spinning to sooth his ears. Nevertheless it took a long time for him to finally understand what he wanted to do even though he was around music all his childhood. In the year 2000 he started a rock/heavy band with his friends which had many gigs during its four year lifespan. During this active music period he started to act as a DJ.

In the beginning he played mostly chill out/downtempo and lounge music but pretty soon went from psybient to goatrance. In 2005 he founded Discothequé du Lizard with five of his friends and organized his first party to fulfill his visions. Soon after that summer he also became a resident DJ for and for DanceWise (formerly known as RAD).

The following year he became a member and a part of the crew of Organigato DJ Collective which is a collective of the top chill out DJ’s in Finland. Also that same year he sadly parted from Discothequé du Lizard, because it didn’t go in the direction that was initially meant. So Kolibri founded a new organisation, Nectarium, to continue his visions. Nectarium has since then arranged smaller events which have had very good response and more events are looming on the horizon. Recently kolibri has been producing his own music and been seen spinning electro and breaks tunes as well as psytrance on different events.

Some of the acts that Kolibriscope has played alongside are Infected Mushroom, Human Blue, Ott, Dickster/Dick Trevor, Hoodwink, DJ Scot Project, DJ Simon B, Atman, Loopus in Fabula, Khopat, Syntax Error, Derango, Hallucinogenic Horses, Procs, Oil, Knaprika, Krusseldorf, Sienis, Dreadlock Tales, Bechamel Boyz, Kiwa, Eraser vs. Yöjalka, Haltya, Troll Scientists, Trollz in Dub, Aavepyörä, Texas Faggott, Flying Scorpions, Lauge, Morphonix, Secret Sound Labs, Ix-Lam-At, Recue, Digital Alchemy and many more.

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