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Lars Hansen





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Jester & Virus Tekk Records

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Musical Influences


Full On, Progressive & Chillout.

Current Top 10

Top 5 Morning Psy

Explorer - Underwater - Mandala Records
Black & White - Geronimo - Hom-Mega Productions
Synthia System - Whammy Mammy - Organic Records
Silicon Sound - Modulate - Red Cells Records
Nasa - A bit closer to heaven - Virus Tekk Records

Top 5 Night Psy
Concept - Existenz - Fungi Records
Savage Scream - Rotting Side - Trishula Records
Dronebixie - Zo Moth - Trishula Records
Psykovsky vs Deja Vu Project - Only Love (We Will Take) - Deja Vu Records
Jocid - Suckubus - Manic Dragon Records

Top 5 Progressive Psy
Sensient - Immersion - Zenon Records
Tetraktys - Lightframe - Cold Groove Records
Parrket - Enjoying The Sunscroll - YSE
Igneous Sauria - Stay with Us - YSE
Blackout - Lemon Strike - Moonstone Records

Top 5 Progressive House/Tribal
Taucher - Atmosfear - Avalanche Records
Taucher & Zigon - Cuba Libre(SBK RMX) - Earregular Recordings
Elastic - Move and Fall - YSE
Thomas Penton - El Ritmo - Iberican Recordings
Perry O´Neil - Breaking Away - Electronic Elements

Top 5 Chillout
Andromeda - Fluting Around - YSE
Altöm - Plasma - Neurobiotic Records
Altöm - Beatbreakers - Neurobiotic Records
Chilling Matenda - Club Expander - Chillcode Records
Freq - Bliss - Iboga Records

All Time Top 10

Tristan & Process - Dealing With Deamons - Flying Rhino Records
Hallucinogen - LSD - Dragonfly Records
Younger Brother - Evil and Harm - Twisted Records
Space Tribe + Simon P - Flipout The Dolphin (Voodoo Edit) - Moonshine
Ect - Helpless - Phantasm Records

Favourite DJs

Joti Sidhu, Tsyoushi Suzuki & Sid Shanti

Favourite Labels

Dragonfly Records
Flying Rhino Records
Blue Room Records
Spirit Zone Records
Twisted Records

Favourite Artists

Hallucinogen, The Infinity Project, Koxbox, Vibrasphere, Son Kite.


Upcoming Events

- 17/11 Gappeq & Wizack Twizack Live, DK.
- 3/2 Jaïa Live, DK.
- 4-6/8 Naked Festival, DE.

Previous Events

1995 - Glamsbjerg Kulturcenter "Moonstruck", Goa Trance events. Club Nod.
1996 - Glamsbjerg Kulturcenter "Alkatrance" "Moonstruck", Goa Trance events. Club Nod.
1997 - Rytmeposten Odense "Entropi", Goa Trance event. Club Nod
1997 - Studenterhuset Odense, "Luminous Flux", Goa Trance event. Psychedelic Insanity.
1997 - Club Kornflake Odense, Goa Trance set.
1998 - Studenterhuset Odense, "Technoid", Goa Trance Vs House / Techno event. Psychedelic Insanity
1998 - Rytmeposten Odense, "Psychedelic Essence", Goa/Psy Event. Psychedelic Insanity
1998 - Underground Event, Lolland Falster. Local organizer.
1999 - "TechnoTalk Tour", Copenhagen. Goa, House, Minimal, Acid, Techno event. TechnoTalk.
1999 - Nordkraft "Technotalk Tour", Aalborg, Goa, House, Minimal, Acid, Techno event. TechnoTalk.
1999 - X-Bent/Riverside "TechnoTalk Tour, Holstebro. Goa, House, Minimal, Acid, Techno event. TechnoTalk.
2000 - Underground Moesgaard Beach Event. Local organizer.
2000 - Creamcrop Afterparty Event. Ranjit.
2000-2004 BREAK - Only doing private events.
2004 - Alexandrahus, "Tranceport", Full On Psy Event. Tranceport.
2005 - Bryggen, "GMS Afterparty", Full Psy Event. Copenhagen.
2005 - Aarhus Firma Sport, "DJ´s Holeg(fr), Krell, Torsten Warning & Babak", Psy Tech, House & Techno event.
2005 - Outdoor Event "Beatculture"
2005 - M/S Broen, "Full Speed Ahead", Progressive & Full On Event.
2005 - Underground Outdoor Event - Ristelauget.
2005 - Underground Outdoor Moesgaard Event - Hottentot Kartellet.
2006 - Electrobeat : Winter_Session - Nasa & Jahbo Live. (Aarhus - Denmark)
2006 - Xerox and Illumination, Space Cat & Ultravoice Live. (Copenhagen - Denmark)



DJ Krell got his first official Goa/Psy Trance DJing gig in 1995 at the age of 17. Since then he has played all over Denmark, both at official and underground events alike. All in all DJ Krell has more than 10 years of experience DJing Trance oriented music with his roots firmly placed in the Psychedelic Trance culture.

DJing philosophy.:
DJ Krell puts alot of emphasis on balancing out his Djing skills, trackselection, flow, mixing technique and attitude. His sets are very well prepared, every track is hand picked and used/timed so that each track enhances the other, laying the foundation for a diverse yet cohesive musical trance experience. DJ Krell has a 100% focus on DJing, and as such is specialized entirely into this task.

Preferred time slot.:
Spinning virtually every genre that has grown the Goa Trance of the nineties, DJ Krell can fit into both beginning, middle and end of any goa style party. However, he does prefer nighttime or morning sets, since thats when theres the most energy in the crowd to fool around with.
Minimum amount of time for a set is 1½ hour, but DJ Krell does prefer to spin 2-3 hour sets, he thinks thats optimal for the kind of musical progression he wants to create.

Each organizer gets his own price, usually DJ Krell will spin for a "start fee" which will be supplemented by an additional fee that will depend on how many people go to the party. However, a fixed price can also be negotiated for large events should the organizer wish it. For booking contact .

Demo Sets for Download or Streaming.:
Here you can either stream or download 2 full length sets by DJ Krell. These sets show not only his DJing technique, but also his ability to create a journey thru music using his 10 years of DJing experience - The sets are mixed using low standard DJing gear (Pioneer CDJ100s with no monitoring).

Progressive -

Full On -

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