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Transient Records

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Musical Influences


Full on morning and groovy night

Current Top 10

1.Dejavoo.Follow This.Alchemy Recs
4.Plastic Vibe.Gone.Transient
5.Star x.Religion.Transient
6.Interactive.Electro Times.Transient
7.2hi.Bad Boy. Transient
8.Prodigy.Climatise.Kalimamboh Rmx.Boot Leg
9.Mklome V Kristian.Wierd Vibe.Transient
10.M Theory.M shake.Unreleased.

All Time Top 10

1.Wrecked Machine.Music in u.Spun
2.Sub6.In the Ground.(Chakra Rmx).Hommega.
3.Psy Sex.New Wave Hooker.(Dual Heads Rmx)
4.Prodigy.Voodoo People.(Eskimo Rmx).White
5.Triptych.Access All Areas.Turbo Trance
6.Astrix and Atomic Pulse.Scientfic Reallity.Hommega
7.Infected Mushroom.Electro Panic.Hommega
8.Xerox and illumination.Battle Ship.Hommega.
9.Electric Tease.Tv is a new God.Transient
10.Jam and Spoon.Age of Love.

Favourite Labels

Hommega, Phantasm, Alchemy, Plastic Fantastic, Automatic,Erase and of course Transient

Favourite Artists

Wrecked Machine
Star X
Electric Tease
Pilivan and Zimbardo


Upcoming Events

10th Freak Club @ Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
17th Transient/Automatic Recs night @ Telegraph.Brixton.London.Uk
22nd Bear Trap.Camden.London.Uk
24th Kalahari @ Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
24th Energise @ Dance Industry Studios.Brixton.London.Uk

9th. Tupan Party @ 333 Club Old Street.London.Uk (As K.V.)
10th.Freak Club @ Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
11th.180 Degrees @ Volks. Brighton.Uk
14th Turnmills Tbc
18th.Greece Tbc
24th.Cosmic Shamens.@ Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
24th.Bubble Jam @ Jack Club.London Bridge.London.Uk
25th.Roots @ The George.Brixton.London.Uk
27th.Soulipse Festival.Southern Turkey.

1st.Psychedelic Academy.Brixton Academy.Brixton.London.Uk
2nd.After Party @ Fridge Tbc
14th.Freak Club @ Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
22nd Mayfair club.London.Uk.Tbc

6th Brighton.Tbc
12th Freak Club @ Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
19th Slinky.Bournmouth.(Tbc)
20th.Psygate @ Coronet.London.(Tbc)

9th.Freak Club @ Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
10th/11th.Life Festival. Rep Of Irealand.
24th.Dacru Event.Belgium

7th to10th.Full Moon Festival.Germany.(Tbc)
28th to 30.Atmosphere Festival.Swiss.(Tbc)

Previous Events


8th. Viera.Greece.
15th.Divinorum.V Tribe Of Frog.Bristol.Uk
22nd.Chichime.@ Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
28th.Synchronicity @ Psy Dmt.Camden.London(As K.V.)
29th.Psygate indoor festival.Se1.London Bridge.London.Uk
4th.Erased Records.@Psydmt.Camden.London.Uk (as K.V.)
5th.Atomic Energy.@ Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
18th Chichime Residents night,@ Psy Dmt,Camden.London
26th.666,@ Trinity Hall.Bristol.Uk
26th.Eden Sounds.@491 Gallery.London.Uk

11th.Plymouth Dance Accademy,Plymouth.Uk
12th.Electric Crusade.@Rocket.London.Uk
13th.Kamaflage.@Q Bar.White Chapel.London.Uk
17th.New Sleaze Disco.@ Freedom.Soho.London.Uk.(As K.V.)
19th.Chichime.@ Mass.Brixton.London.Uk.

8th Freak Club,@ Telegraph.Brixton.London.Uk
9th.Trance Port Royal@ Port Royal,Frankfurt.Germany
15th Syncronicity@Psy Dmt.Camden.London.Uk (As K.V.)
17th Atlantis.@Aquarium.Old Street.London.Uk
23rd Psy Nrg@Dance Industry Studios.Brixton. London.Uk
25th,Kiss100 Fm,CentralLondon Studios.( Radio Station)Uk.
30th.Trance Melodrama,@Grube,Colonge,Germany


1st. Psychedelic Academy.,Brixton Academy,.Brixton.London.Uk
2nd After party.Psygate v Event Horizon @.Mass,Brixton. London.Uk.
6th Erase Records @ Psy Dmt..Camden.London.Uk (As K.V.)
7th. Chichime.@Mass London.Uk.(As K.V.)..
13th.Bubble Club.@The Sanctuary.Birmingham.Uk
14th.Planet Zogg,@The Arches.Sheffield.Uk
20th Russian Charity Nite @ Jacks.London Bridge.London.Uk
20th Psy Dmt.,Camden,London.Uk
21st.Se1 Birthday Party,London Bridge,London.Uk
21st.Tube Radio,Hammersmith.London.Uk
28th.Trance Shop Party.Paris.France

4th. Club Republic.@ Se1.London Bridge.London.Uk
10th. Bloop City,Belfast,N.Irealand.
11th. Baraka.Oxford.Uk
17th.Freak Club.@ Telegraph.Brixton Hill.London.Uk.
24th.WarsawClub Deep.Poland
25th Neutronix.In a Castle outside Dublin.Rep Of Irealand.

2nd.Darcu Heron Open Air Outside.Gent.Belgium.
8th,.Tshitraka Festival. Open Air Festival.Germany.
9th. Chichime@ Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
16th.Glade Open air Festival.Reading.Uk.
19th.Full Moon.Open Air Festival.Germany.
22rd.Elecromind Festival.Open Air Festival.France.
23rd.Antiworld Indoor Festival.@Se1. London Bridge.London.Uk
24th After party Operation Rescue.@ Copyright.Tower Hill.London.Uk
29th.Middle Earth.Open air Festival.Jutland.Denmark.

8th.Sonica Festival,Capodimonte,Near Rome,Italy.
12th.Freak Club.Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
20th.Crystal Matrix and Spun Records.Open Air Festival.Portugal.

9th.New Chichime Project.Mass.Brixton.London.Uk .
10th.After party @ Copy right.Tower Hill London.Uk
24th. Private Party Barn ,

1st.Chichime 6th Birthday.Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
2nd.Atlantis.Aquarium,Old Street.London.Uk
8th.Antiworld.Coronet,Elephant and Castle.London.Uk
14th.Freak Club,.Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
15th.Psygate V Jarred.Bristol.England

5th.Vision of Nexus.Hanover.Germany
11th.Freak Club@.Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
19th.Istanbul Turkey.
26th.Antiworld.Coronet,Elephant and Castle.Uk

3rd.Chichime @ Mass.Brixton.London.Uk
9th.Freak Club @
10th.Fairy Tales. Coronet.London.Uk
31st.Psy Dmt.Camden.London.Uk
31st.Minscapes V Acid Monkey.London.Uk


13th Freak Club @ Mass.Brixton.London
14th Implosion @ George 4th.Brixton.Londom
17th New Wave Radio Ministry of Sound
28th Antiworld @ Wandsworth Palace.London.Uk
29th Antiworld afterparty @ Fire.Vauxhaul.London.Uk

4th Private event at 3rd Base.Brixton.London.Uk (As K.V.)

Radio Appearances

Kiss Fm.Hosted by John Askew on Mondays Gmt 11pm till 1am.Web radios.New Wave Radio,Ministry of Sound

Highlight of Career

Playing At Brixton Academy, and too many others to mention


1.Aphid Moon v Kristian.K9. Nano Records.

Upcoming Releases

1.Dejavoo (Dj Kalimomboh and Kristian).Follow This. Alchemy Records (Out Soon)

2.Mklome V Kristian.Weird Vibe. Transient Records.(Out Soon)



Kristian is from Gibraltar but moved over to London in 1997 after finishing his Hnd at Cardiff Uni. He started dj'ing in 1999 as a resident of Chichime
-now one of Britain's top Psy Trance nights- and soon began to play all over London and the UK in all the killer parties.
In late 2002 he was signed on by legendary UK Psytrance label Transient and compiled three cds for them, becoming an international dj.He is now the main Psychedelic Trance resident dj with Es Collective who host the Antiworld/Psygate parties in The Uk,This organasation has grown to become one of the worlds leading party organisers,holding regular events for 3000 people,and using the world famous London venue Brixton Academy to host events for over 5000 people.
Kristian had the pleasure of mixing the first (Es Collective) Psygate mixed cd (Psychedelic Accademy 1 ) in collaboration with Hommega,the release was for the Uk only and sold out in no time.Since then this has been followed by Psy Accademy 2 mixed by Astrix.
Currently he is putting together a compilation for Transient to be released world wide early 2006.


Kristian has played in over 18 countries in the last two years.Japan,Israel,Turkey,Germany,France, Swiss, Belgium (Where he has a residency with,Holland,Spain,Greece,Cyprus,Slovakia,Poland,Denmark,Republic Of Irealand,Portugal,Austria and Italy.
International festivals like Glade. Uk, Full Moon.Ger, Tshitraka.Ger, Sonica.It, Electromind.Fr,Freedom.Port, Middle Earth.Dk, Heron.Bel, Ratki/Femina.Bel, and Omni Sp.

And alongside all the biggest names imaginable in Psychedelic Trance: Infected Mushroom,Astrix,Gms,Eskimo,Sub6,Talamasca,Silicon Sound,Cosmosis,Space Tribe,Kox Box,Skazi,Hallucinogen,Etnica,Oforia,SpaceCat,Tristan,Son- Kite,1200 Mics etc etc etc plus big names from other dance music genres like....
Sasha,Ritchie Hawtin,Dave Clarke,Apex Twin,Judge Jules,Timo Mass,Way West,Infusion,Hybrid,John 00 Flemming, Square Pusher,Anthony Rother,Craig Richards,Phil Thompson,James Holden,808 State, Plump Djs, Koma and Bones, Rennie Pilgrem,Meat Katie, Elite Force, Stanton Warriors,Tayo,Hyper, Pathaan, The Hacker,Vitalic,Zombie Nation, Johannes Heil,Marshel Jefferson,Carl Craig,Lisa Lashes,Marco Carola,Mauro Piccoto,Chris Liebing,Valentino Kanzyani, Umek, Adam Bayer,Ben Sims,Chris Liberator,Dave The Drummer, Dread Zone,Eat Static,System 7,Mix Master Morris, Lab 4,Yoji Biomehanika, Paul Glazby,Mark Eg,K90,New Energy Collective,Tidy Boys,Bk, etc etc.


Uk dance music magazine IDJ. (,one of the worlds most prestigious music magazines had an article on how Psy Trance was fast become the most popular dance music styles of the moment.The article was called The Rising Stars it had interviews with Infected Mushroom,Astrix,Sub6,Eskimo,Altom,Xerox and Illumination,Sirius Isness,Mick Chaos (Of Distributors Chaos Unlimited)...and also Kristian,a rewarding achievement for being one of the most consistant djs in the scene.
This winter he became the first dj from the scene to play a mixed session at Kiss 100 fm (The John Askew Show) and was also interviewed.Later on the year Kiss 100 fm had Astrix on the mix and will soon have young wizz kid Eskimo in Oct 2005
Interviews on Chai Shop,Harder Faster (The Uk biggest Dance music forum),X vibes (Brasil) and Bristol based magazine Upfront,plus reviews in international Psy Trance magazines Shangri La and Revolve also form part of his press portfolio .

DEJA VOO.and other production projects.

Kristian is now working on a live act with the talented Dj Kalimamboh the live act is called DEJAVOO, and is already causing major interest with different labels.Keep an eye out for this project.Their first release to come out on Alchemy Records
K9 is a track on the Aphid Moon album, it was written by Aphid Moon together with Kristian and has recived air Play in Kiss Fm.and was released on Nano Records.


Compiled and Mixed cds.

1.Compiled: Psychedelic Dreams Vol 1.Transient Records.

2.Compiled:Psychedelic Summer.Transient Records.

3.Compiled:Uk Trance Vol 1.Transient Records.

4.Mixed:Psychedelic Academy Vol 1.Antiworld in collaboration with Hommega.

5.Compiling :Various Artist cd for Transient Records out soon.


1.Aphid Moon v Kristian.K9. Nano Records.

2,Dejavoo (Dj Kalimomboh and Kristian).Follow This. Alchemy Records (Out Soon)

3.Mklome V Kristian.Weird Vibe. Transient Records.(Out Soon)

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