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New York City/Philadelphia, USA

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Peak Records/28thDay

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Psychedelic Night/Twilight

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Peak Records


Upcoming Events

15/12/07- Healing Ananda Benefit Party *Lauryn v. Egbot*- Philadelphia, PA

Previous Events

11/11/07- Mindoutpsyde Source Sync *Lauryn v. Egbot*- Iowa City, Iowa
29/09/07- 28th Day 'Harvest Arcanum'- New York, NY
15/09/07- Source Sync *Lauryn v. Egbot*- Humboldt County, Northern California
08/09/07- PSI Party- Pine Barrens, New Jersey
19/08/07- 28th Day 2 Year Anniversary- New York, NY
27/07/07- AUM Festival- Arkansas, USA
21/07/07- TDC Production 'Outdoor Kebab' - Upstate NY
19/07/07- Psychegrounds- Sullivan Room- New York, NY
13/07/07- Alladin Project Orb Festival- Upstate NY
30/06/07- Shakti Collective- Toronto, ON, Canada
15/06/07- Gemini Festival- Northern California
09/06/07- Inflorescence Open Air- Allentown, PA
19/05/07- NYC Dance Parade- New York, NY
18/04/07- Activate- Sapphire Lounge- New York, NY
12/04/07- Psychegrounds Sullivan Room- NY, NY
07/04/07- COSM- NYC - Coral vs. Lauryn *special tag team set*
17/03/07- Entheocentric Salon w. Colin OOOD- NY, NY
10/03/07- 28th Day Psynoptic Shift- NYC, NY
03/03/07- Voodoo Therapy - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
24/02/07- Sysmik Storm w/NRS - Montreal, Quebec
17/02/07- Psytrance Party @ New Hope, Pennsylvania
03/02/07- Shakti Collective Fractal Forest- Toronto, Canada
27/01/07- TDC Presents Psychedelic Trance Party- NYC, NY
22/01/07- Tsunami Presents- Radio Show
20/01/07- Goahead Winterdelica- Akron, Ohio
31/12/06- 6362Metaforce New Years- NYC
09/12/06- 28th Day w/ Christer (SST)- NYC
25/11/06- Alladin Project w/ Menog- New York, NY
27/10/06- Gaian Mind Monthly- Philadelphia PA
14/10/06- Burning Lotus- Allentown PA
01/10/06- Tsunami Sundays @ Cielo NYC
16/09/06- vs. Mukti - COSM w/ XDream/Krumelur-NY
09/09/06- OOOD Beach Party- NYC
25/08/06- TDC Trance Dance Festival- NY
02/06/06- TDC Picnic - NY - USA
22/06/06- Gaian Mind Summer Festival- PA- USA
13/05/06- PSI Presents Chiaroscuro - Pine Barrons, NJ
01/04/06- Organic Sunrise/Voice of Cod - NY, NY, USA
08/03/06- Psychegrounds - NY, NY, USA
03/03/06- Symptoms of Science - Boston, MA, USA
25/02/06- COSM presents The Entheogenic Salon - NY, NY, USA
04/02/06- Shakti Collective Presents: Resonance - Toronto, ON
28/01/06- Chilluminati Presents: Bioluminescence - Chicago, IL
01/01/06- Pow Wow West Coast - San Francisco, California
03/12/05- TDC Winter Madness w/ Fria & Tool - NY, NY
23/11/05- Psychegrounds presents OHM w/DMTree - NY, NY
22/10/05- Angela's Goawake - Seattle, Washington
21/10/05- Organix Fridays - Vancouver, Canada
25/08/05- TDC Trance Dance Festival- NY
30/07/05- Bugyi Crew- Budapest, Hungary
29/07/05- Cosmixed Society - Slovakia
18/06/05- PSI Presents Convergence w/ Onnomon-PineBarrons NJ
21/05/05- Grapes of Wrath- Dallas, Texas
02/12/04- TDC Party w/ Boxer & Ocelot - NYC
09/09/04- Mataa Mandaara- West Virginia
23/07/04- Touch Samadhi Neptunalia- Boxer/Shanti- Asheville, NC
01/07/04- Ecliptic Trance w/ Logic Bomb/CPU- Brooklyn, NY
03/04/04- Citizens of Utopia present Pantheon - Queens, NYC
25/07/03- Psyforia- Sonic Beating *Lauryn v. Ammon EP* - Boston, MA
20/04/03- PSI3 - *Lauryn v. Ammon EP*- Pine Barrons, NJ
08/03/03- Gnomefatty Collective- Circle- Boston, MA
07/03/03- Karmic Awareness Sunyata- Boston, MA
28/02/03- Psyforia- Sonic Beating- Boston, MA
24/01/03- Psyforia- Sonic Beating- Boston, MA
13/01/03- Anitya@Vertigo- Boston, MA
31/12/02- The Loft- New Years- Boston, MA
11/12/02- Chiletrance- New York, NY
06/12/02- Sonic Beating- Chaos In The Kitchen *Lauryn v. Ammon EP*- Boston, MA
25/10/02- Summit 2 *Lauryn v. Ammon EP*- Providence, RI
01/10/02- Krysalis @ MIT- Cambridge, MA
03/04/02- Changmian Presents Anitya- Boston, MA
23/12/01- Resurrection @ The Phoenix Landing - Cambridge, MA
07/04/01- Sastun @ Hamilton College- Clinton, NY

Highlight of Career

Bugyi Crew Party- Budapest, Hungary


~DJ Mixes~
Lauryn-Escape From Sherman Street (Recorded August 2006) -


Yab Yum & Lauryn- Random Piracy (World People Pirates Revolution, July 2007)

Mubali & Lauryn- Beer Goggles (Unreleased)




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