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Gold Coast/NNSW

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Brain Surgery Disasters


Brain Surgery Disasters, Tribe of Frog

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Musical Influences


Dark/night or post dawn fullon killahhhhh!!!

Current Top 10

Azax Syndrome & Toxic - Rain (Timecode)
The Misted Muppet - Toward the Castle (Trancelucent)
Distortion Orchestra - Life on Earth (Relativity)
The Nommos - Insomnia (Vertigo)
Dark Nebula - Hordes of the Nebula (Digital Psionics)

All Time Top 10

Hallucinogen - Synthesizzler
Prometheus Process - Clarity from Deep
Pixel vs Intellabeam - Methaminimal (Sub 6 mix)
Eat Static - City of Sin
Space Tribe - Who's Nutty Enuff?
Son Kite - Game & Watch
Siamese Twins - A Proper Cup of Coffee
Tristan Boyle - Break Away

Favourite DJs

Franny, Olli Wisdom, Luke Psywalker, Marty Launchpad, Mode, Ozzy (cos he makes me laugh/cry/cringe all at once!)

Favourite Labels

Anyone with the bollocks to produce a cd has my respect.

Favourite Artists

EAT STATIC, Simon Posford, Benji Vaughn, Reece from Neuron Compost, Dark Nebula, MK Ultra


Upcoming Events

Elective Surgery - 16th April 2005. Nthn NSW

Previous Events

The Dawning 2001
Moon Tide
Two Left Feet
Saints and Sinners
Blue Moon
All Brain Surgery Disasters events
Many and various smaller do's

Highlight of Career

Everytime i play in the bush is a highlight



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I love my hobby. I don't try to kid myself that it's anything more than that. I love putting on vibe parties, the only time i considered a larger scale paid event, i started stressing and decided that it's not fun if you stress. I love seeing new comers get blown away, and old crew grinning their heads off. But best of all, I love to see people so caught up in the music that they wouldn't give the moment away for all the tea in China.

Studio Setup

Pentium 4 3GHz (800 MHz fsb) 1 Gb RAM, E-MU 1212M soundcard.
Various vst's through FL Studio 5
gen-u-wine original Roland Jupiter 8!!!
2 x Pioneer 800's & 600 mixer.

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