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Lionel Tiger

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esa rantalainen





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Tristan,Nukem,Mouse,D-Nox,Beckers,Raja Ram,Timo Maas,d-nox,


Upcoming Events

31.12 Jäge UG@somewhere
1.1 DiscoMob@birdie
4.1 Supercool meets HUGC@Uniq
5.1 Helsinki Underground Collective 2nd Anniversary@Birdie

Previous Events


Mothers Bar
Mecca Lounge
Clubbers, he arranged a couple of underground parties in Helsinki, were he played side to side with the most popular finnish
dj's : Mr.A, Elliot Ness, Unik, Caiu & Sakura


4.2 Huhuu Kiltakellari
10.3 Beetroot-houseBase-Lionel Tiger @ Beetroot-isoroba
27.3 B4Pussy @ BeetRoot
13.5 Muotinäytös Perjantai 13 päivä @ dtm
28.5 Huhuu@ Bio Rex
9.6 Oujee
11.6 B2b with xlk@mosso
11.6 Huhuu@Cafe engel
12.6 B2b with klabi@mosso
18.6 Alternative@premi
1.7 Mosso 2nd launch with the playersClub
8-10.7 Konemetsä openAir Forest Festival
29.7 Stuert party @ BIRDIE
5.8 Soul Experiment Players Club @ HB
20.8 alternative@premi
25.8 taiteiden YÖ@mosso
25.8 WTC-aukio-openAir-miniFestival
17.9 Insomnia@Stockholm
19.9 Insomnia@Stockholm
23.9 Jasu 30v@Fever
28.9 Drama Lounge@Oujee
9.10 DiscoMob Opening Party@Birdie
22.10 SUPERVIZOR, INFECTED MUSHROOM live @ kaivohuone
23.10 Pussy eau de Club AFTERPARTY @ Fever
29.10 Club Sipoo @ UnderBar
6.11 DiscoMob@Birdie
4.12 DiscoMob@Birdie

Highlight of Career

8-10.7 Konemetsä openAir Forest Festival with 1500 hippies



Lionel Tiger was born in 79, in Hellsinki Rock city, the centre of Finnish club culture. A young hedonist at heart, who loves to rock you. Lionel has been spinning records for couple of years, developing and honing his skills on the two turntables. Open your mind, broaden your horizons and let this man move you with his trademark progressive and shakedelic housebeats. He gives no mercy to those on the dancefloor. Don't think this man was sitting idly by at parties, before he got his own tables. He was there shaking his own ass with the best of them.

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