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Luiz Lima




Florianopolis, Brazil

DJ since:


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e-sense crew and neurotika djs


Electric Power Pole Records

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Musical Influences


Psygressive & Funky Dark Psytrance

Current Top 10

Hedonix - All Hail Discordia (epp - commin soon)

Dusty - Fractal Cabbage (epp - cs)

Hedonix - Novus ordo Seclorum (cosmic conspiracy - cs)

Dusty - La Fregula Sarda (epp - cs)

Dark Shiva - Time Mechanics (epp - cs)

Bufo - Spit Vision (cosmic conspiracy - cs)

Loopus in Fabula - Controversy (fabula recs - 2006)

Bufo - Platy Pussy (cosmic conspiracy - cs)

Mass Turbo - Archival (Horns and Hoofs - 2005)

NRS - Mind Controlled People (Last Possible Solution - 2006)

bonus track>

Sylo Sound - Creator (Echo Recs)

All Time Top 10

Zirkin vs. Bonky - Dropped Out

Zirkin & Rev - Phony Call

Highpersonic Whomen - Wormhole

Sonnenvakuum - Tritt in der raum

Flyh - Brain damage

XV Kilist - Seitenzwack

Bonky - Lysergic

Deviant Species - Balojax

Bonky - Hillbilly

Scorb - Psycore

El audio - Child

Biodegradable - Shamanic Bass

Favourite Labels

EPP, Cosmic Conspiracy, Doof, Parvati, Spontaneous, Exogenic, Surreal, Organic, Ambivalent, Zenon.

Favourite Artists

Zirkin, Highpersonic Whomen, Scorb, Haltya, Hedonix, Bonky, Bufo, Golikem, Double REL, Dereinspunkt, Dusty, Pulsar, Scozbor, Sensient, Sylo Sound, old Sonnenvakuum, Legohead and many more



Luiz Lima, aka Luje, started perfoming as a dj in 2000, just after a 6 month trip to Ye Olde United Kingdom, where he got really into electronic music and psychedelia. Having tasted the flavour of a well established e-music scene Luje began to transmutate his previous and feverous passion for music into something people could appreciate, get crazy about and also dance to, in a movement he describes as “an intervention of the will into people’s emotions and party moods through music sequences”.
For him, what distinguishes psychedelic music from other genres is that the audience, to really experience a psychedelical state, has to participate in the creation of challenging and stimulating environment, instead of only enjoy themselves passively.
To provide such flourishing and pleasurable challenges, he presents in his sets only tracks that fit in the motto: “psychedelia has deep aesthetical consequences!!!”.
He ignores the top-notch, generic, fluffy, soulless stuff, and gives priority to innovative, twisted and/or weird material.
Instead of playing music people want to hear, he prefers to amuse them with things they didn’t know they like.
While spinning, he sees himself as a shamanic tool of perception in a very important mission.

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