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Luke Harland

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Luke Harland




Sydney, Australia

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Transport-2ser fm, Earthcore

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Musical Influences


Progressive - Psy/trance/house, Tech/Tribal/Acid - house, Techno, Breaks and Electro....

Favourite DJs

Atmos, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Ollie Wisdom, Mix Master Mike, Terminator X, Q Bert, Dj Shadow, Dj krush, LTJ Bukem...

Favourite Labels

Spiral Trax, Avalanche, Plusquam, ACDC, Hadshot, Iboga, DEF Jam, Warp, Get Physical, Poker flat, Electribe, Mutekki...

Favourite Artists

Simon Posford, Atmos, Vision & Canedy, Oliver Lieb, Krueger & Coyle, Beastie Boys, Underworld, Ritchie Jay, Josh Wink, Psysex, Chemical Brothers, Pink Floyd, Infusion, Dj Shadow, Luke Vibert, Butthole Surfers, Son Kite, Leftfield, Dali, H.R. Geiger...


Upcoming Events

T-Quest - Full Moon Madness (March), Elevate Nightclub-India (March), Dimanche (Moulin Rouge) and soon at Yo momma's house...

Previous Events

Big Day Out '03 (Hothouse)
Earthcore - Carnival '04
Infected Mushroom/GMS '04
Wizzy Noise (EC launch party) '04
Hallucinogen '04
X-Dream/Space Tribe '04
Earthdance '04 (after party)
T-Quest - Astrix/Bamboo Forest '03
Clairvoyance '03
Mindstream '03
Gladstone Hotel madness '03
Cosmic Couriers '04
Full Moon Madness '05
Winter demon '04
Artcore - Summer Dreaming '04
Sun Project '02
Some dudes B'day (Whenever)
D-Psyfa - The Code '04/05
Sonic Symmetry (Eskimo)
Trancendance (Garden of light) '02
Elixir 4 '03
Atmos '00
Monthly "Late Night Shuffle" parties '03-'05
Deep As Funk/Dimanche '04/05
Pangea '00 (Regent St)
That chick's Wedding (?)
Transmission '02
Chemistry '00 (#2+3) + Gas '03
Psychology '02
Trance Migration '02
Chris Liberator '02....

Radio Appearances

Transport on 2ser 107.3 fm, Sydney (Co-host a Psy/progressive radio show with crazy man Ritchie Jay every Wed night. 10:30 - Midnight. 2002 - Present)

Highlight of Career

Big Day Out '03 - supporting Chicks On Speed. Earthcore Carnival '04.



Born & bred in Sydney, Luke Harland has been DJing for 9yrs. Reflective of his upbringing, he is capable of playing a wide variety of styles. Over the years Luke has played set’s consisting of Hip-Hop, funked up beats and breaks, tech-house, techno, psychedelic trance, and progressive tunes. At times even blending various styles into one to create the ultimate journey.

One thing common with Luke’s taste in music is it’s rhythm and groove. Organically based rhythm’s filled with bottom end groove to satisfy the ears, the soul, and especially the dance floor, are what makes Luke’s set’s unique. A journey is guaranteed with him either sticking to one particular style or crossing various genres.

Having played alongside many international and interstate artists, the last few years have seen him appear across NSW and VIC, in many clubs and parties, to the fresh outdoors for various Doof’s and onto large festivals like Big Day Out 2003, Earthcore Carnival 2004. Luke has proved he knows how to move a crowd, with his mixing skills and great track selection.

Luke presently co-hosts a long running weekly Psy/Progressive radio show “Transport” on 2SERfm in Sydney with fellow DJ Ritchie Jay. The show has been running since 2000, although Luke has been involved since 2001/2002. With regular guests (international and local) the show holds a big part in Sydneys Trance community, with giveaways, reviews and party details.

The next step is pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music through production and live performance, so stay tuned…

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