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matthieu delepau





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Since the age of 10

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aqua-veda / BUS records


Bus records, Fat form, Open, Echoes, Iboga, Flow, Pangea prod...

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progressive trance

Favourite Labels

sub machine, iboga, Flow, domo...

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Previous Events

outback eclipse, rainbow serpent, exodus, Akasha, Maitreya, Soulclipse (Turkey), Arcadia festival, Hadra festival, around european parties and festival, for more check our website...

Highlight of Career

everyday's light :)


Cosmosquad “Is there any reason” VA Intramuros – submachine rec
Lunaspice “Texture” VA Travel pack – submachine rec
Lunaspice “Cosmik’aum” VA Travel pack – submachine rec
Lunaspice “Tokyo dream” VA Lighten – submachine rec
Lunaspice “Proteines” VA Chrome – submachine rec
Lunaspice “Step by step” VA Pure bliss – Tatsu rec
Lunaspice “Cylce of life” VA Grenn instant – Clima rec
Lunaspice “Shine the dark age” VA Froggy world – Froggle rec
Lunaspice “Melodeep” VA . – Cold groove rec
Lunaspice “Arcadians” VA Mobilisation generale – Radio campus
Lunaspice “Eclipsed’ay” VA SET5 – Iboga rec
Lunaspice “Moon missionaries” – EPP rec
Lunaspice “Cserpent rainbow edit” RSF2005 – Green ant
Lunaspice “Collective energy” – Flow rec
Lunaspice remix of Behind blue eyes “Brum basse” - iboga rec
Lunaspice “Shamanic century” - Electrik dreams rec
Lunaspice “Remember it” - Spintwist rec
Lunaspice “Electro burn” - Pangea productions - Sheeroke
Lunaspice remix of RPO « leave a drama » - Pure perception rec
Lunaspice « Pirate’s lollipop » - World people – Space pirate revolution CD

Lunaspice “Reflexion” Sub machine rec (june 2004)

Upcoming Releases

Lunaspice remix of Antix « Hammer and thongue » - Echoes rec
Lunaspice "Dark matter" World people rec



Lunaspice are : Steven Le Corre & Matthieu Delepau from Arakis, planet no.0612 of the Andromeda galaxy.
At the age of 17 they played in a psychedelic rock band and in 1993 Matthieu started djing and discovered trance music. Whilst at sound engineering school they started the psychedelic trancegoa band COSMOSQUAD, releasing tracks such as “the boom” on tribeadelic records (Australia),”progresso” and “criogenial” on Ying Yang Records, and “is there any reason “ on France’s Sub Machine Records. They have since gone on to perform live in different countries over the globe such as the Caribbean Islands, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Germany not to mention numerous appearances within Europe itself in festival such as The outback eclispe festival, Rainbow serpent, Soulclipse, Akasha, Exodus…
Lunaspice have been a signed artist on Sub Machine Records for all of their existing compilations as well as releasing other tracks on labels such as Iboga, Tatsu, Cold Groove, Vp and many more…
Their first album “Reflection”, released June 2004, shows you their best in sound research because of their fresh new sound taste, and believes that this sound is a driving force within parties and festivals over the world! “Reflection” can be described as a good mix between groovy progressive, fat tech tribal and psychedelic music! A magical border line showing elements from all of those styles! Since that they released tracks that always captive great reviews from trancers and dj around the world, they are now preparing a new album and work on few remix for Iboga and others top notch labels.
Played along side : D.Nox, Antix, Beckers, A.Absolut, Minilogue, Sonkite, Behind blue eyes, Phony Orphant, Atmos, Luke Chable, Kazey Taylor, Thomas Penton, Ticon, Peter Gun, Slater, Fractale Glider, Peter Digital, Shiva Shandra, Sally Doolally, Mapusa Mapusa, Sun control species, Tetraktys, Motion, Solead, Triptych, Phonic request, just to name a few…
Mat is also prducing under the name D-sens which is remakable on the minimal techno scene …

Studio Setup

Analog, soft, Mac, accoustic instruments and friends... :)

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