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Hendrik Poppe


Bremen, Germany

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brinkstrasse 13

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Musical Influences


Dark Progressive Trance

Current Top 10

01. Trimada - "Orcs" (TDA Records)

02. Cold Project - "Retrobution Denied" (unrel.)

03. Progus "Trancezistor" (Horns & Hoof Entertainment)

04. Zerotonine - "Khazad" (Dejavu Rec.)

05. Pondscum "Holo Hickup" (unrel.)

06. Navajo "You press our limits" (Crotus Rec.)

07. Cold Project "Fateful Encounters" (Amoeba Rec.)

08. Koxbox "Buffer Overdrive" (Twisted Rec.)

09. Temporary Unknown "Vicious Delicious" (Electric Power Pole Rec.)

10. Bitshift "Martial Artist - Rmx 2006 (Trioptimum)" (AP Records)

Favourite Artists

Beat Bizarre, Sun Control Species, Cold Project, Trioptimum, Pondscum, Progus, Hefty Output, Mantik, Sensient, Behind Blue Eyes, NASA, Moses, Sensum, Sensient, Trimada, Navajo, Zerotonine, Mittelstandskinder ohne Strom, Cafu, Meller, Antix, Fiord, Liquid Soul, Symphonix, Gnome Effect, Vibrasphere, Shaman, Yotopia, Perfect Stranger, Ace Ventura, Midi Miliz, Spirallianz, X-Dream, The Rockitmen, and so on...


Upcoming Events

Mar 30 2007 Wackelkontakt (minimüller gig) Bremen
Apr 7 2007 Flauschrausch 2 Bremen
Apr 20 2007 Teonanacatl (Alhambra) Oldenburg
Jul 21 2007 Annetts Sommernachtstraum 2 Bremen

Previous Events

- Soulclipse After Party (Turkey)
- Tundra (Lithuania)
- e=mc3 (New Zealand)
- Fullmoon Festival (VJ Gig, Germany)

Radio Appearances

Highlight of Career



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From deep night madness to gentle midday bliss...

Progressive Trance (130-142 BPM) can provide all the emotions needed for a complete psychedelic gathering, although organizers sometimes seem to have forgotten about that. But, lo behold, our small "scene" here in Bremen (Germany) is trying to reestablish the old progressive vibe...

I love all the fascinating facets of Progressive and Psychedelic Trance since endulging into my first (life changing) party at VooV 1996. Countless parties and intense sessions of homelistening later I became a more "active" member of the Psytrance family by designing flyers and websites. Since 2002 I did a lot of psychedelic VJing with the re:sorb VJ crew (i.e. Fullmoon Festival) and have been helping to organize many parties around Bremen with the brinkstrasse dreizehn crew. While staying in New Zealand, I started to learn DJing and thus realized one of my longtime dreams: merging the most magical and emotional music into one piece and return all that beautiful energy to the dancers, that I was so lucky to experience at Psychedelic Trance parties...

My style ranges from fluffy morning Progressive (128-133 BPM) to happy day time (135 BPM) and deep driving night time Psygressive Trance (140-142 BPM). I keep the mixing original and don't just mix the last 20 seconds of a song. Long, smoothly blended mixes is what you will get from me.

And yes: I BUY almost all of the CDs I mix in a small recordshop or at online music stores. MP3 has an inferior sound quality (even with a high bitrate) especially on a good sound system. Playing with 98% .wav files I can provide the best audio quality to the dancers. If we DJs don't buy the music, who will keep the music production scene alive?

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