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Manish Mendiratta




sydney(Australia), delhi(India)

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The Underground Gravity

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Musical Influences


Night Music,Full On Morning,Progressive Psy and Progressive house

Current Top 10

Shift - The face (UNR)
Psyborignal - Spirited Away(Unr)
Double R.E.L - Prehysterical Moments(Unr)
NRS Vs Far East Ghost - Unbreakable(Unr)
Iron Madness - Madness Is dance
Azax - Covtnnnt(unr)
N3Xu5 - E Brain(unr)
Winter Demon - No Rules(unr)
Audilize - G-string (Menog rmx) - Ketuh Rec
Psyborignal - Mash Feet(unr)
BLanka - V.T.V + many more
Third Drop Reflection - Life,fluterby,Mashdish,LUCID DREAMING

Favourite DJs

Winter demon(ISR), dale(Ind)

Favourite Labels

Paradiso, disco valley,Ketuh records,doof records,dragon fly,Spirit Zone,Chemical crue,time Code,Panorama,Tribadelic,Parvati

Favourite Artists

Psyborignal,Third Drop Reflection,Shift,winter Demon,Stomp,N3XU5,killer Buds,Azax,IOS,legohead,Double R.E.L


Upcoming Events

Full Moon party(Mar'05,syd),Queens birthday Longweekend(melb), ibrasphere Cd launch(syd), Tree plantation(regen) syd,
Winter demon '05 (syd)

Previous Events

Chakra(syd),Tribadelic gathering 2004(vic),Recommended Solutions(syd),Winter Demon(syd,melb),As You Wish,Earthdance 04 in New caledonia,Day out Of time, Serpent sessions(syd) + many more

Radio Appearances

2 Ser(syd),NBC,Blue FM

Highlight of Career

In House Dj for M Tv's worlds longest Dance party in India(99), 9 hr set at Tribadelic gathering'04-05

Studio Setup

A Comp

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